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Top 5 Wearable Tech Devices for Summer

The wearable technology market is exploding with new and exciting options.


The summer is here, and now is the time for all good tech enthusiasts to think about wearable tech. As technology evolves, it tends to become more convenient. If you want an example, just look at how small cell phones have become. You can buy all kinds of wearable tech, but it is always risky trying something new in technology. That is why I am here to guide you through the jungle of wearable devices and let you know which are the best.

Samsung Gear Live Smartwatch - Remember what I said about the size of cell phones earlier? Well, the Samsung Gear Live smartwatch takes all of that to a new level by giving us a James Bond device for our wrists. This is a smartphone that is the size of a large wristwatch face, and you wear it just like a watch. You can do everything from make calls to check your text messages. It may take a little while for us to get used to people talking into their wrists as they walk down the street, but at least the smartwatch makes talking convenient. The Samsung Gear Live is a Google Android smartphone, which allows it to take advantage of the new Android Wear software.

Google Glass - Google Glass is a pair of glasses that can, at first, make you seem totally insane to the people around you. This is a device that uses the lenses of a pair of glasses as computer screens. Since there is no keyboard, you have to verbalize your commands to get what you want. To say that Google is seriously pushing Google Glass on the public would be an understatement. But to be honest, it is an extremely cool and convenient product, so give it a try.

GoMotion Synergy LightVest Hydration Pack - Wearable technology is getting specialized, and the LightVest Hydration Pack is proof of that. It is a reflective vest you wear when you are out jogging, bicycling, camping, or hiking. It has a one-liter water bottle in it with a tube you can use to access it directly. It also has a white LED that can light your way at night and red warning lights if you get into trouble. It is kind of low-tech, but it is still essential for techies who want to stay in shape and stay safe.

Recon Jet Sunglasses - The Recon Jet sunglasses work like Google Glass in that they show information on the glasses' lenses, but the Recon Jet glasses synchronize with your smartphone to show you text messages and emails. This device has a small touchscreen area you can use to cycle through information, and it also has an HD camera installed. It is pretty cool and can make your smartphone completely hands-free when used in conjunction with a Bluetooth headset.

Garmin Forerunner 620 GPS Watch - There is a growing trend among techies to keep in shape and try to get a little sunshine from time to time. Garmin is known for its excellent GPS products, and now, it has one you can wear. But the Forerunner 620 does a lot more than just tell you where you are. It keeps all of your vitals while you are jogging or hiking and then gives you encouragement to hit the health goals that you program into it. It is the only health coach you will ever need.

High-tech is as much fun as it is practical. We will see all kinds of new devices this summer and beyond, and there are some that every devoted techie simply must look into.

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