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Top 5 New Apps for the Summer


Summer’s here and we’ve tracked down the newest and most anticipated upcoming iOS apps to help you beat the heat and make the most of the season. Our top 5 list includes apps for work and play. We hope you find time and success inboth this season. Here are a few tools to help you survive and thrive this summer:Stayfulapp

1. Stayful might remind travelers of Priceline’s promise to negotiate the best deal for a hotel stay but it offers heavy discounts for boutique hotels across the country. Perfect for a person too busy to plan a trip long in advance but interested in beautiful and unique lodging for either their business or leisure needs. There’s no pressure to book the room before seeing the rates and the and reviews praise Stayful’s customer service. [Free]pacemakerapp

2. Pacemaker is the perfect music app to push you to meet that final deadline or help you relax after a long day. Pacemaker takes your current playlists or new ones you create and orders them in a way that makes them feel seamlessly merged. Great for parties or personal listening. It will replace a number of apps that only fulfill one or a few of its uses. Pacemaker was also selected as one of the first music apps for the Apple Watch. [Free]Pricehelperapp

3. Price Helper is an app to ease the challenge of currency conversion. Beyond entering currency to be converted, this app allows you to take a photo a price tag to identify the price and convert it into your preferred currency. The app works offline saving you from costly internet data fees. It updates exchange rates when connected via wifi. This app is expected to be released early June in time for your summer adventures abroad. [Free]Packingapp

4. PackPoint Packing List Travel Companion is the only packing app you’ll need. The newest updates adds templates to save time for those who take trips to similar destinations frequently. When starting your list, the app gathers data on the location, planned activities, and general purpose of your trip to make quick suggestions for what to pack. As one reviewer praised, “It pretty much packs your bags for you!” [Free]PocketCastsapp

5. Pocket Casts is a powerful app that organizes and plays podcasts. With the popularity explosion of podcasts, including Serial, the market has seen a surge in podcast management interfaces and apps. Reviewers and LifeHacker agree that Pocket Casts offers more bang for your $3.99 than its competition. Among its features is the option to toss a podcast to a nearby tablet or TV with the touch of a button. For those not-so-interesting podcasts after a long, summer day, there’s a sleep timer to hold your place until you listen again. [$3.99]

Let us know what apps you’d add to our list by sharing your favorites in the comments.

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