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Tips and Tricks: Bolster your browser privacy

There are three easy-to-use extensions that will increase your browser privacy.


Staying under the radar and out of the crosshairs of data gathers on the web is a difficult proposition these days. Everywhere you look someone is trying to gather data on your browsing history, activities, and preferences. Don't worry! There are a number of easy to use tools which will bolster your browser's security and keep the web bloodhounds off your trail.

The following three browser extensions support available web security functions, block data access, and help keep your data cleaned up.

Do Not Track Me

Do Not Track Me protects your activities from tracking companies

Do Not Track Me, by Abine, is designed to automatically block tracking companies, like ad networks, social networks, and data collection companies, from tracking your activities behind the scenes. According to Abine, Do Not Track Me has already blocked over 1 trillion tracking attempts and actively blocks over 600 tracking companies.

Do Not Track Me is easy to use. Simply install the extension in your browser and watch as the tally of blocked cookies grows. For a small investment of $5 per month, Do Not Track Me's extension will also protect your email address, phone number, and credit card number from tracking while used in web forms.


Click&Clean protects your activities from tracking companies

Click&Clean is an easy-to-use extension designed to be a powerful private data cleaner. The extension provides a single-click erase ability for your browser's cache, download history, temporary internet files, and cookies.

The main features of the Click&Clean extension include the ability to choose between predefined cleaning modes, the ability to define the time range for browser history deletion, and the option to delete all of your browsing data at once or only specific items.

Click&Clean is not a fire-and-forget extension and will require a bit of configuration in order to guarantee that it covers all the bases for you. Follow the supplied quick-start guide and in no time, the extension will be ready to go.

HTTPS Everywhere

Most sites that value your privacy and security (or pretend to enough to keep you as a customer) will have HTTPS encryption enabled by the default, like Facebook, Google, and Twitter. Unfortunately, many sites do not use HTTPS encryption by default and have to be forced to activate it.

HTTPS Everywhere remedies this issue by prompting the sites you visit to provide the highest level of transmission security available. In other words, if the site you are visiting uses HTTPS encryption, but not by default, then HTTPS Everywhere will force the web site to use HTTPS encryption.

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