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Three Tips To Get The Most Out Of iOS7

The most significant update to the Apple OS is finally here. iOS7 marks the first time Apple has made major design changes to the operating system that made Apple mobile device famous.


The most significant update to the Apple OS is finally here. iOS7 marks the first time Apple has made major design changes to the operating system that made Apple mobile device famous. Most articles and reports focus on the graphical adjustments away from skeuomorphism, but there are just as many enhancements and new features to learn about as well.

Most of the new features are easy to use once the shock of the graphic changes passes. However, with the new configurations, some of the locations for the new features can be confusing or difficult to find.

Here are the first three tips for getting the most out of iOS7.

Change Siri's Voice

With the update to iOS7, Apple's virtual assistant receives new voices. The female voice is still default, but if you prefer a more masculine assistant one is now available to choose.

To select a new voice for Siri, first select the "Settings" application. Next, choose "General" settings. In this menu, tap "Siri" and then "Voice Gender." At this point, you may select a female voice or a male voice.

Unfortunately, voice selection is limited to only two at this time. In the case of some dialects and languages there will only be a single Apple voice assistant option.

Activation Lock

Apple's Activation lock feature will render your phone virtually useless in the case that it is lost or stolen. The added bonus of Activation Lock is that not only will Find My iPhone remotely delete all personal information from the lost phone; it will also lock the phone and require your personal Apple ID and Password to access the phone. This should turn your lost phone into a very expensive paperweight to anyone who is not you.

Setting up Activation Lock is simple if your iPhone is associated with your iCloud account. To check the status of iCloud on your iPhone, activate the "Settings" application and select "iCloud." At this point, locate the "Find My iPhone" selection and make sure that the slider is set to "On."

If you lose your iPhone and want to activate Find My iPhone, head over to iCloud.com on an available computer. Enter in your Apple ID and Password to log in and then select "Find My iPhone." From this point, choose "Devices" and select your device. Once your device is selected, you will have the option to play a sound from your phone, place your phone in "Lost Mode," or wipe the data from your phone, which also activates "Activation Lock."

Block Numbers From Texting Or Calling

There are sometimes when a person needs to block another person from contacting them: telemarketers won't stop calling, persistent wrong numbers, and generally anyone who takes advantage of your phone number. Until now, the blocking of a number usually required a complicated process and cooperation from your cell service provider. With iOS7, you can now block people from your phone.

There are two ways to block someone using iOS7: through "Settings" and through contacts located in your contact list.

The simplest way to block a caller is if the caller is already listed in your contacts list. All you have to do is select the contact that you wish to block from the "Contacts" app and then scroll down to bottom and select "Block this Caller." That's it.

The more involved method, or the method you would chose to add a non-contact list number, requires that you access the "Settings" app. From here, select either "Phone," "Messages," or "FaceTime" selection and scroll down to "Blocked." This is where you store the master-list of all blocked numbers for whichever list you chose earlier. To add a new number, select "Add New" and input the number you wish to have blocked.

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