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Technological Advances to Be Thankful for this 2019 Holiday

Technological advancements have brought a lot for individuals and businesses to be thankful for.


The celebration of Thanksgiving kickstarts the beginning of the holiday season. This is a time to be grateful for what you have and be generous to others. There have been several technological advancements made this year that have gone beyond helping the average consumer to helping people in healthcare and other vitally important industries. We have compiled a list of what we believe are technologies that have made the most impact this year.

Artificial Organs

Waiting on donor lists is agonizing for someone whose life is on the line. The advanced version of 3D printing has allowed doctors and surgeons to bio-print blood vessels and synthetic organs that grow within a patient’s body to create a new organ to replace the infected one. What was unthinkable years ago is now a life-saving advancement.


Though it is still in its initial release, businesses and individuals alike have high hopes for 5G networks. The power and speed of this network, when fully implemented, will allow for self-driving cars, more realistic virtual reality games, and automated factories. Telecom megalith, Ericsson, has plans of opening the first fully automated smart factory in texas next year. The network power in factories will improve worker productivity and plant safety when machines adjust to real-time changes. While some cell companies have implemented 5G in small areas of large cities, the network is expected to become more widespread in 2020.


The sheer amount of companies that left databases exposed without password protection is reason enough to be thankful for a password manager like LastPass. The less complex and unique a password, the better the chances of a cybercriminal hacking into a system and accessing sensitive information. The free service of LastPass, among other password managers is a low cost and many times free solution to having complex passwords without worrying about losing them.

Artificial Intelligence 

Long gone are the days where robots seemed like a Ray Bradbury fantasy. Artificial Intelligence in the form of robots, drones, and wearable technology have taken the digital age by storm. These robots are being used in the retail industry to checkout customers and answer questions about products. Drones are flown over farmer’s crops to check for any insects or odd emerging weather patterns. Even Apple watches can be used to track someone’s sleep habits and skin pH levels to check for medical issues.

Data Recovery

When your digital device fails, which nowadays holds your financial information, home videos, and business presentations, it can be a serious problem for you or your company. Data recovery companies like Secure Data Recovery have experienced engineers who work to retrieve your files from all types of media and operating systems. With the fastest turnaround times in the industry and a 96% success rate, Secure Data Recovery can restore your digital life and business operations with one risk-free call. 

Technology is quickly evolving to fit our needs as individuals and as a society. What technology or advancement in the world are you most thankful for? Let us know by messaging us @SecureData.

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