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Storage Media Needs Evolve with New Gaming Systems

As gaming consoles evolve, larger storage becomes necessary for gameplay and other entertainment functions.


The shelter-in-place orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic have brought out the gamers everywhere and perhaps turned some people into video game lovers. People are anxiously awaiting the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X releases later this year, but one of the issues they will have to combat is adequate storage. 

Video game consoles have both built-in memory and internal storage, with the built-in being temporary and internal storage being long-term. Consoles are now designed with USB ports and other outlets for gamers to add their own external storage, but will that be enough for the size of the new games debuting soon?

Timeline of Storage Methods

Video game manufacturers like Microsoft, who manufactures Xbox, and Sony, who makes PlayStation have come a long way in terms of storage. Their competitors including Atari and Super Nintendo Entertainment systems also evolved during their peak popularity time. 

Storage began with cassette and VHS tapes before moving to game cards and then plastic-coated cartridges. Memory cards were then introduced along with disc storage and that leads to today’s internal storage with optional slots for memory cards and other forms of external media. 

PlayStation 4 has 500GB of storage while the Xbox One X, which was released in 2017, has a 12GB internal memory and a 2TB hard disk drive (HDD) for extra storage. These are the most current models of consoles before the 2020 versions debut during the holiday season later this year. The new Xbox Series X will have 16GB of internal memory and 1TB of storage through a solid-state drive (SSD). The new PlayStation5 will have 16GB of internal memory with 825GB of storage also using an SSD.

How Much Storage Is Enough for a Gamer?

The newest Xbox has USB 3.2 external HDD support for added storage and the new PlayStation will have a USB port and a USB-C port and is expected to have ports for HDMI cords and ethernet cords as well. These will allow users to add external media to save their game progress and other portions of a game. 

One problem that affects gamers is having enough storage space for the games that are downloaded to the system. Many popular games like Call of Duty and GTA range from 75GB to over 100GB when downloaded, requiring more storage. Users are then required to use external media if they plan to download more than three or four games depending on size. 

The discrepancy there is whether to use HDD or SSD. While a hard drive has larger storage capacity, the data retrieval and transfer times are much slower. An SSD, on the other hand, may have a smaller amount of storage capacity but will run much smoother, allowing for faster game loading and efficient gameplay. Due to the lower amount of storage in a console’s RAM, many times games must be stored on external media. 

Protecting Your Digital Files In All Forms

While the main purpose of the consoles is to play video games, tech users will utilize them to their full potential by using the disc players to watch DVDs or Blu-Ray discs. Consoles can also be connected to the internet and a television for easy connection to television and movie streaming sites and apps. External storage on a gaming console acts as more than just a way to save the game before reaching the “boss stage,” it acts as the hub of the entertainment center.

Both HDDs and SSDs are used for external storage and while the main system itself may have some internal storage, it may not be enough for the media-centric tasks you want to carry out with your gaming console. When using any type of media there is a chance that it will break or become damaged either through user error or general wear and tear. That’s when you call a data recovery professional.

Secure Data Recovery engineers have decades of experience and have worked with all media types and operating systems. We have an overall 96% success rate in retrieving files including movies, photos, graphics, and more. Don’t let your entertainment central become a pile of drives unable to connect while you are staying at home. Call Secure Data Recovery to learn more about how we can recover data from your hard drives, solid-state drives, and other external media.


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