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Sprint and Verizon Launch Their 5G Networks, But Which One Is Better?

Analysts explore the speeds and reliability of the nations first 5G networks.


Sprint and Verizon Launch 5G Networks

The race to offer 5G networks started off with controversy when AT&T made the false statement that their entire network was 5G ready. The other cell phone service providers did not take these comments well and Sprint sued AT&T over the false 5G branding, as it was actually an advanced version of 4G. After the lawsuit, AT&T quietly changed its marketing to say 5Ge, or, 5G Evolution. Basically, they made their already existing 4G service a bit faster.

Now, however, Sprint and Verizon are leading the charge with 5G as Sprint finally rolled out 5G to five cities across the United States. However, it is essentially useless to anyone who does not have a compatible 5G phone. Still, using this in their marketing campaign makes the company seem more attractive to new customers.

As of May 30, 2019, The cities Sprint now offers 5G to are Atlanta, Kansas City, Houston, and Dallas-Fort Worth. They have plans to roll out the coverage to Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix and the District of Columbia soon. Yet the coverage is only accessible to those with 5G devices that also have Sprint’s Unlimited Premium plan.

Who’s faster? Sprint vs Verizon

Since Verizon and Sprint are the first to launch the start of their 5G network, many have set out to benchmark the two networks. Verizon dominates Sprint in speed, but reliability is lacking as one street might have great 5G reception and the next street has slower speeds or has no connection at all p. Still, others might argue Sprint is winning the 5G race due to its reliability.

While the race continues to kick off for the fastest 5G coverage, devices are surely going to adapt and change with many new features that were never possible on 4G. The future of mobile technology and internet-of-things is bright.

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