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Sony Creates Long-Range Internet of Things Chip

The new IoT chips by Sony can monitor an urban environment and track fast-moving objects.


The idea of smart cities is becoming a part of the not so distant future with the creation of chips that connect with all internet of things (IoT) devices. To jumpstart this movement, Sony Corporation, a multinational conglomerate electronic company, created a special IoT chip. This chip has a range of over 60 miles and can completely transform the way devices share information around the world

How the Chip Works

The chip is classified as a CXM1501GR chip that utilizes Sony’s low-power wide-area network (LPWAN). This kind of network is designed for machine learning as well as IoT networks. It operates at a lower cost, yet has a greater amount of power than most traditional networks. An LPWAN connects low-bandwidth, battery-powered devices that have smaller bit rates over long ranges.

They can accommodate anywhere from 10 to 1,000 bytes at speeds that can reach 200 Kbps. Sony’s new technology gives their chips a 60-mile range for connectivity. They are considered to be useful networks as they have an adequate range for IoT devices that networks like Bluetooth cannot support. The downside of this network is the amount of data that can be transferred. Though studies show that the majority of IoT devices use less than 3 MB, with the growth in IoT and the LPWA networks, this number may soon increase.

The sensors themselves transmit signals in the 920MHz band to Sony’s ELTRES low power wide area network. ELTRES is Sony’s own creation that uses wireless communication to offer:

  • Long-distance communication
  • High-speed mobility communication
  • Low power consumption

Practically Applying the LPWAN Chip

The chip reportedly can work even in noisy environments or on fast-moving objects like cars. In the urban setting, the chips can be used to track bicycle rental, monitor street lamps remotely, track home delivery, or monitor the safety of children. In the case of fast-moving objects, the chip was described as being able to help with:

  • Location tracking of long-distance trailer
  • Location monitoring of rental cars
  • Monitoring the location of a drone
  • Monitoring the operation of an express bus or train

Overall, this newest wireless network allows for more tracking of objects and people, and Sony is on the brink of becoming an industry leader for smart city technology. While their chips are currently only used in Japan, Sony plans to extend its project and has an application program available for interested companies.

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