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Does Size Matter? Determining the Size of the Hard Drive You Need


Deciding on the specs of a new or upgraded computer purchase brings us back to a frequently asked and rarely agreed upon question: Is the size or speed of a hard drive more important?

The answer is the unpopular but accurate: It depends!

To determine what size hard drive will meet your needs, it’s important to have a basic understanding of what file sizes really mean. An infographic by Berkeley School of Information connects file sizes to their real-life uses. A 250 gigabyte drive doesn’t sound as large when we know that 1 gigabyte is taken up by just 7 minutes of HD-TV video. On the other hand, nothing is larger than a yottabyte, which is big enough to store the entire world wide web! Somewhere between a few gigbytes and a yottabyte should meet your every need!

Just as important as the size of your hard drive is its speed. Faster is not necessarily better but you’ll need to consider the type of files you’ll be working with most often. Heavy video files may read faster if saved on a second hard drive versus adding them to a more massive single drive. If a drive can’t keep up with video files, bad things can happen to good quality quickly. The audio can become unsynchronized and entire frames can be lost. While there’s a heftier price tag on faster drives, they may be essential to preserve the quality of your graphical and video work. If your work is not particularly graphic-laden and doesn’t involve videos though, the size may be more important than the speed.

As also reflected in the infographic below, hard drives have evolved at a rapid pace in the last decade. If your internal hard drive doesn’t meet your current needs, it’s now more affordable than ever to add a secondary drive with more space than most of us could ever need. No matter what the speed, size, shape, or condition of your hard drive, we can likely help if you’ve experienced a crash. Just send a REQUEST FOR HELP and we’ll get your terabytes and petabytes back in shape in no time.



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