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Shielding Your Data from Today’s Digital Threats

Technology users everywhere need to protect their data from the threats that surround the digital landscape.


Whether you’re at work or in the supposedly safe confines of home, the security of your data can determine whether you or others could fall victim to the malicious digital threats out there today. Every year, individuals, businesses, and even local city governments fall prey to various efforts by hackers. One 2019 estimate by the MIT Technology Review had ransomware damages in the US totaling up to over $7.5 billion dollars. So, what dangers await the new year and your data? How can you do your part to better protect yourself, and others, from the dangers of digital hacking and piracy?

The Dangers of Leaving Your Data Vulnerable

Not taking the right precautions to protect your data can result in many kinds of damages. Malware can lead to the theft of passwords through keylogging, documents, and even monitor you through your own webcam. Ransomware, as stated earlier, can lead to data being locked away unless you pay large sums of money. Having your data compromised can lead to more than just someone knowing your password. When user credentials and personal access information is stolen, a hacker can do a variety of things to cause harm:

  • Access your email for even more personal information
  • Break into a bank account and steal money
  • Commit identity theft with the use of a social security number

Other methods that hackers may use to get access to your information and accounts include social engineering, email and text phishing, and even attempts to infiltrate an office to plant software and data-stealing peripherals.

The dangers are many, but according to the Online Trust Alliance, as much as 91 percent of data breaches that happened in the first half of 2015 could’ve been prevented. It may seem daunting, but when the right preventative measures are taken, you can keep your data safe.

Protecting Your Data with the Right Practices

Keeping your data and information safe can be easy with the right security habits. One example is to keep your devices updated. Both computers and smart phones today both get update patches from time to time, allowing companies to provide security updates and other features. While normally, we all see those patch reminders as annoying, it’s important to take the time to update your devices and systems so that every bit of protection is made available to you.

Whether it’s your residence or a business. When you have a network, it’s important to make sure that you don’t leave any unprotected openings for hackers to exploit. Even when you take the right precautions to secure your network, if there’s an unusual connection that doesn’t have the same level of security installed, it can provide a hacker with just enough of an opening to find their way in. One example could be a smart phone or a tablet that’s not company-owned or belongs to a house guest.

With the power of data encryption, you can add an extra layer of defense against hackers who may be lucky enough to break into your network and systems. By encrypting your data, you can make sure that hackers can’t do anything with the data they get their hands on. This also pertains to the vendors and retailers that you interact with. Make sure that the businesses that you interact with use secure means of processing information such as credit card info.

Recover and Protect Your Data with Secure Data Recovery

When you need your data recovered due to a hacker’s malware or because of a bad power surge, you’d want your data recovery solution to be both professional as well as secure. We take the highest security precautions and follow PCI-DSS security standards and are TRUSTe Verified.

We understand that your data is both personal and private. Thanks to our FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Validated data handling practices, we can ensure that your data privacy is maintained from the moment it reaches our team to when it’s returned to you. We do this using our award-winning hardware-encrypted storage devices. They offer layers of security that are completely un-hackable. Call us at 1-800-388-1266 for more information on how to get your data back securely!

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