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Revolutionizing Selfies with Under-Screen Cameras

New under-screen selfie cameras offer a larger and more fluid front display screen.


The days of having an impeded front screen on your phone are numbered. Both Oppo and Xiaomi, Chinese consumer electronics companies, have designed a phone with a front-facing camera hidden below the pixels.

Pixels, Pixels Everywhere but Not a Camera to be Seen

While many mobile phones still have notches, holes, or even pop-up cameras, the new devices claim to have a completely full screen without any added disruptions to the display. The smartphone will still be fully functioning and when the camera is not used, the pixels will cover it over and the screen will return to normal.

The camera is placed under a transparent section of the display and will appear when the camera app is opened. Since the camera is now a pixelated addition to the screen, there are no moving parts, meaning less possibility for wear and tear. The other benefit would be the larger and fluid screen view.

Attempts and Disadvantages

Other companies have already attempted to eliminate the notch like Vivo who created a phone with displays on both sides, one with a camera notch, and the other without. Nubia tried a similar design while ASUS created a pop-up camera on the back of the phone that could flip around to take selfies without compromising screen quality.

The technology works similarly to the Complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) Chip. This is used in some phones as a fingerprint sensor that easily reads a user’s fingerprint from simply holding a finger on the screen itself. The disadvantage lies within the quality of the chip. When someone enters their fingerprint, the phone merely needs to feel the ridges of the finger and compare it to a photo they have on file, thus needing little in the way of pixel quality.

With an under-pixel camera, the quality may not come close to matching the current camera mechanisms we see today. Though the development was advertised heavily on social media, these new under-pixel camera phones are still in their early stages.

Recovering from Any Device

The engineers at Secure Data Recovery have worked with all types of devices including Android and iOS. Statistically, with the number of phones in the world that have cameras, there could be up to 1 trillion photos taken on mobile phones on an annual basis. When your phone fails or experiences physical damage, immediately turn it off to ensure that you have the best chance at recovering your photos. Then, call Secure Data Recovery for professional services at 1-800-388-1266.

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