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Selectively delete your browser history

When securing sensitive and private data on a PC, most users refuse to consider securing or deleting their browser’s history.


When it comes to securing sensitive and private data on a PC, most users refuse to consider securing or even deleting their browser history. This is the record of every internet site and page that a user has visited since the browser was first used or the last history was cleared. For many users that means their browser history contains everywhere they have visited on the web. Everywhere.

If for some reason the deletion of your entire browsing history is out of the question, consider using the selective deletion option. All three major browsers offer the ability to delete targeted individual history entries while leaving the overall record intact.

Google Chrome

Access the Chrome browser to edit your history

When choosing to remove specific history entries in the Chrome browser, you begin by clicking on the Customize and control button in the upper right-hand corner and then selecting History. This will open a new Chrome tab with your History options, as shown in the image above. Select the entries that you wish to delete by clicking on the left-hand check boxes. Finally, click the Remove selected items button at the top of the page to remove your unwanted history.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Access the Internet Explorer browser to edit your history

To remove entries in your history from Internet Explorer, you will first have to click on the Star icon in the upper right-hand corner. In the new menu that appears, click on the tab labeled History and then select the appropriate organizational preference from the dropdown menu, such as View By Date or View By Site as shown in the image above. Finally, right click on the unwanted entry and select Delete to remove the offending site.

Mozilla Firefox

Access the Firefox browser to edit your history

The process of removing unwanted entries in the most current version of Firefox is a combination of the two previous browsers. Like the Chrome browser, you click on the Open Menu icon in the upper-right corner of the browser. This will open up a new menu, like Internet Explorer, that will list the history of your Firefox browser as well as provide organizational options in View dropdown menu. Select the entry that you wish to remove and right-click to open up individual options for the file. Select Delete and remove the web entry for good.

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