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SecureBackup as a Data Recovery Solution

SecureBackup as a Data Recovery Solution


Regular, comprehensive, and successful backup is critical for all users, from businesses of every size to the individual. Virtually everyone creates and needs to store data today. A successful backup is the cornerstone to data recovery. There are many methods available and it’s essential to find the method that best fits your needs. A combination of on-site and cloud-based backup services are an optimal solution for most individual and business users. Generic cloud-based services, however, often don’t offer the features to customize your backup. An incomplete, unsuccessful, and out-of-date backup is useless.

The Cost of Downtime

Downtime while a user waits to recover data is expensive and frustrating. The cost of downtime to businesses can be even more significant when it results in lost employee productivity or customer dissatisfaction. Time and money spent trying to recover data lost by the individual user is also expensive and unnecessary if a backup solution is utilized.

SecureBackup as a Solution

SecureBackup offers individual and business users the opportunity to fully customize their back up with a few clicks on our easy-to-understand interface. In response to a vital need for increased cybersecurity, backup settings allow users to fully protect their data. From basic to advanced settings, users can tailor their backups to their unique needs. SecureBackup allows users to access their files anywhere through our web portal. Unlike other backup options that house data in one location-making it vulnerable to disaster-SecureBackup utilizes the SecureCloud to maintain backups in multiple locations. Unlike too many other cloud services, SecureCloud maintains the privacy and security of your data while making it accessible no matter where you are.

Customizing your Backup and Recovery

SecureBackup offers two unique options for backup configurations. The Full Backup creates a complete copy of selected data. Differential Backup lets users opt to copy only changes that have been made since the first full backup. Weigh the options for yourself or allow our Support to help you decide. Users have access to all three options with SecureBackup. Different data calls for different backup solutions.

Just as there’s no one-size-fits-all backup solution, users also have different needs for recovery. Our Easy Restore Setup walks users through data recovery step-by-step. It provides a full summary of the recovery process for your review. File Versions Restore maintains previous versions of your files. You’ll never overwrite a file again. Selective Files Restore allows users to hone in on only specific files and folders they need to recover-lessening the time until you’re back up and running with your data.

Just as it’s imperative to backup your data regularly, it’s equally critical to choose a backup solution that best meets your needs. SecureBackup, developed by the industry-leading Secure Data Recovery Inc., is a dynamic do-it-yourself solution that can be customized to anyone’s needs. Learn how SecureBackup’s features can meet your needs. There are several pricing plans, tailored to meet needs of different users. Try it free today.

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