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Who Does Secure Data Recovery Help?

We are available to help small businesses, enterprises, home users, and anyone else with data recovery needs.


When you or someone you know experiences data loss, the first reaction is to jump on the computer and search for a company that can help. Some companies may be geared towards businesses, while smaller shops may be a local solution for personal users. Secure Data Recovery is an equal opportunity recovery company that helps anyone with their recovery needs, no matter who they are.

We have had over a decade of success recovering our clients’ data using proprietary technology and boast a success rate of over 96%. Whether it be a RAID array, HDD, SSD, mobile device, or any other media type, we have the expertise and the capabilities to help home users, small businesses, enterprises, governments, and more.

Home Users

Home users typically use desktops, laptops, flash drive, and mobile phones with a variety of operating systems such as Windows and Mac. Their devices face threats ranging from fire damage and natural disaster to virus damage.

Home users with families will store photos and home videos on their devices, while those who work from home will have presentations and company data present on their servers. Those who use their mobile phones for banking or booking travel plans will have a lot of information on their device’s memory. Instead of worrying that your personal data is lost forever, you can rest assured that Secure Data Recovery has had many satisfied clients use our services for their personal devices.

Small Business

Small businesses face many of the same risks that home users do. Small businesses are somewhat more likely to use laptops than home users, though, which are even more dependent on secure external storage for business records. Small businesses have access to the sensitive data of many customers and typically have limited budgets.

Data loss can be detrimental to a small business’ operations and without up-to-date information on a growing client base, there’s a chance they may lose out to larger corporations. We offer free diagnostics with our standard service and provide 24/7 emergency service to help small businesses stay in the game after data loss.


Large enterprises have much more sophisticated hardware and software, and typically store their data in RAID arrays. Their security systems are usually well-funded — but far from perfect. The biggest threat to larger enterprises is from human malfeasance or error. This may come from several sources, including disgruntled employees, careless employees, or employees who access company data on their own devices.

No matter the reason, enterprises rely on their Network Attached Systems or Storage Attached Networks to function properly so that administrators and employees alike can access critical files. Our engineers work with all types of RAID systems and will image the drives before extracting the data to ensure your device remains in its original condition.


Government faces risks fundamentally similar to those of big business. Government, however, is under even greater public scrutiny and has smaller budgets with which to defend itself. That may be why, according to the Department of Homeland Security, government agencies may face 35,000 security incidents every year. Government faces risks from persons using fraudulent identities online, lack of sufficient employee training, and being more likely to be burdened with legacy systems than the private sector.

Among our many certifications, Secure Data Recovery is a GSA Approved Contractor that works with government-level clients. While our dedicated R&D Team creates recovery methods for emerging media, we still work on any type of legacy system.

Choose Someone Who Puts You First

These are only some of the outstanding dangers faced by SecureData’s biggest clients. Institutions in health care, education, and the nonprofit sector also face problems like those described above. Even IT specialists sometimes need our services, not because they don’t know their field, but because data retrieval requires its own specialized knowledge and tools.

Secure Data Recover has a Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom in which we conduct delicate operations on hardware. We are SSAE18 Type II certified to protect client privacy and most importantly, we stand on years of integrity and success. Whatever device you have from any type of daily operation, you can rely on Secure Data Recovery to work with you. Call 1-800-388-1266 today to start your case.

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