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Samsung Releases Its New Smartwatch: Should Anyone Care?

amsung, a leading producer of mobile phones and other smart devices, released its newest product offering to the world: the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch.


Samsung, a leading producer of mobile phones and other smart devices, released its newest product offering to the world: the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch. The Galaxy Gear is smart device designed to be worn on the wrist to mimic and exceed the functionality of normal watches.

The Samsung device will come equipped with a 1.63-inch Super AMOLED screen sporting a 320 x 320 pixel resolution, a strap mounted camera that includes a 1.9-megapixel sensor and autofocus lens, and is designed to work with the Galaxy Note 3 and the Note 10.1.

The new smartwatch is also designed to operate with most Samsung compatible headsets but in general, the Samsung Galaxy Gear will not be compatible with most devices.

What Is The Big Deal?

Why should the average consumer care about this device or any smartwatch in general? As each new device rolls out and consumers are informed of the wonders of yet another interconnected device, I begin to question the validity of the emerging market. The three smartwatches on the market currently are not true standalone devices.

These devices are designed to be used to best effect when paired with another device, as in the Samsung galaxy Gear’s case with a Note 3 or Note 10.1. Yes, the new devices will perform limited actions as a standalone product, however at a lower level of quality.

Why would anyone spend $300 to have a lower resolution screen that operated a lower megapixel camera with smaller storage and lower resolution HD video filming? In most cases, the devices need a smart device to connect to the cloud in order to store pictures and video effectively. One of the heralded activities suggested to new and prospective smartwatch consumers is the ability to access personal messages on the 1.63-inch screen.

How effective is this? Can a full 140-character SMS message or tweet display on a screen of this size without making the characters even more difficult to read? What is the point?

Smart Device Cash Grab?

What is the point in a new device that interfaces with existing smart devices when the new device only works when combined with two individual products and these compatible products are not even the most popular smart devices manufactured by the same company? Samsung has created a device that is nothing more than a glorified Bluetooth headset with a cost that is equal to a Galaxy S 4 smartphone.

What is the purpose of a device that does less that the flagship product manufactured by the same company for the same price? Is this a reaction to the increasing production quality of smart phones and the decrease in new phone purchases?

Is this a cash grab on the backs of early adopters designed to supplement decreased profits in existing mature smart device markets? The smartwatch is not a revolutionary device and the smartwatch does nothing better than existing devices made by the same company, so what is the purpose?

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