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Samsung Plans to Reintroduce The Galaxy Fold

Samsung plans to reintroduce the Galaxy Fold in June.


The Samsung Galaxy Fold Plans Return

On February 20, Samsung announced a revolutionary new smartphone for its Galaxy line dubbed Galaxy Fold. This is a phone which allows consumers to use it as a phone, but then open it up and use it as a tablet. The phone’s dual screen feature was not the only aspect to make the mouths of spectators drop, as the phone has an almost $2,000 price tag. However, the was phone was met with criticism from reviewers due to the flaws in the device.

Initial reviewers of the phone discovered that the phone had a screen shield problem which allowed various dust particles and other substances to enter the folding part of the phone. Another problem gaps along with the upper and lower areas of the hinge. The gaps meant that dust could enter in through the hinges and possibly damage the phone’s display.

Samsung is usually first to the race when it comes to technology, but sometimes pushing new tech to the market without proper testing can lead to problems. Yet, Samsung still continues to push the tech industry to more innovative heights. Now, with fixes underway, the tech company plans to push out the Galaxy Fold in June of 2019.

Updated On May 29, 2019

Things are not looking good for anyone who plans to get the Galaxy Fold. Since writing the original article, Best Buy informed the early adopters of the Galaxy Fold that their preorders were canceled. Now, things are looking even worse for those who hoped to have the tablet-phone for the summer as the expected June release was pushed back again. This time, there is no official release date of the phone, but some speculate that it can be out by fall.

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