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Safe Browsing Habits for Parents

Safe Browsing Habits for Parents


Even the most tech-savvy people may not be aware of tools and strategies used by parents to keep kids safe on the Internet. Kids will likely learn at a very early age that the web offers endless information and resources. Unfortunately, there’s also a dark side of the Internet that parents want to shield their children and their devices from potential threats. Here are three ways to enjoy the Internet while teaching your kids to stay safe online:

How to Use the Internet Safely

1. Connect with Caution

Teach kids not to open, respond to, or click on emails or other messages from people or sites they don’t know. Kids old enough to open their own email or select their own websites should also be introduced to the threats posed by hackers, viruses and scammers.

Unknown senders could expose underage children to seedy online content or introduce a virus or malware to the device that could put your data at risk. Encourage kids to be extra cautious while using free online game or coloring sites as viruses are particularly problematic and well-hidden on websites that young users frequent.

There are several online resources, including videos, to help guide the discussion on internet safety with your kids.

2. Use the Safe Search Function

Most browsers have an option to censor inappropriate content from young users’ search results. Google has an option in Settings to filter results based on content. There are also standalone browser options like Safe Search Kids for added layer of safety.

3. Monitor Online Activity

Parents should ensure that they have access and frequently monitor every platform a child uses. In addition to manually tracking accounts and passwords, devices and software can help keep your household safe.

Circle ($99 and reviewed by TechHive) is a device that not only monitors online behavior but also allows parents to set limits based on age, time, and platform. Parents can set times for the wifi to turn off and then back on for the household. And because we know you are wondering…yes-you can make your own devices exempt from the restrictions set for kids.

Safe Internet Surfing to Protect Your Data

Just like the offline world, there are many pitfalls and potential risks awaiting kids on the Internet. Today’s parents may not be able to ask their own parents for advice on initiating these conversations around safety. As children explore the benefits of the Internet, they can also learn ways to stay cyber safe. By teaching safe browsing habits, you can ensure that you (and your children) are keeping your personal data and information safe from cyber threats.

If you’ve encountered a breach or lost your data due to cyber hacks, contact one of our data recovery specialists today!

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