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Recovering data from your Xbox

The XBox 360 uses an internal hard drive to allow owners to download applications, games, patches and other content.

One of the best additions to the console gaming market in recent years has been the inclusion of online services and the ability to download games directly to your system. One of the best examples of this product is Xbox Live available from Microsoft for their popular console platform. For a small monthly fee, users are able to play games online against their friends or strangers, download entire games and updates from major publishers, and have access to independent game titles made specifically for the online market place. This service is made possible by the inclusion of storage provided by internal and external drives connected to the Xbox.

True "A La Carte" Gaming

The Xbox Live online service has opened up a new world for independent game developers and gamers alike. Gone are the days when new games could only be purchased at a brick-and-mortar store, packaging took up ten times more space than the actual disks and publishers dictacted what titles were available in what region. Now gamers have the option of never setting foot in a game store or not having to find a storage solution for game disks. An Xbox Live customer only has to find the game or product that interests them in the store interface, and once purchased, the game is downloaded to the Xbox Storage drive for use whenever the player wants. There are literally thousands of games to choose from and the only limiting factor is cost and storage space.

Losing your games to hardware failure is not an option

The downside to the Xbox Live online service is that titles and products rotate depending upon age and interest. One day a game will be available for purchase and the next, it could be removed from the service entirely. At that point, the only useable copy of the game is stored on the hard drives of the people who have purchased the game previously. This forced scarcity increases the personal value of favorite, older games exponentially and makes the safety of the Xbox storage systems files paramount. What happens if the internal Xbox hard drive failed and jeopardizes countless older games that are no longer available for download? The users no longer have physical media to fall back upon and the loss of the games themselves is very likely, not to mention saved game progress and updates. In cases such as this, recovering drive data is possible. Just contact Secure Data Recovery Services. Our qualified staff offer professional grade data recovery specifically designed for circumstances like this. Contact the Secure Data Recovery customer service department for a no-risk quote on restoring your Xbox drives.
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