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Recover Your Photos, Save Your Memories

Professional photographers need trusted data recovery for their digital storage media.


There is no doubt that photographs play a crucial role in our lives on both a personal and professional level. On a personal level, a photo of family, friends, or scenery on a vacation tell the story of our lives. These can’t be replicated and losing them is like losing a part of us. On a professional level, photographic evidence is an indispensable part of proving a case in the criminal justice system. 

In the digital age, losing your photos from a flash drive, SD card, or external hard drive can mean lost memories, but a certified data recovery company can be the solution to retrieving your irreplaceable photos.

How Photographers Lose Photos

An annual Internet Trends Report found that people upload an average of 1.8 billion digital images every day to social media platforms. This breaks down into a startling fact: every two minutes, people take more photos than ever existed 150 years ago. This only scratches the surface of the number of photos out there and doesn’t include the photos taken professionally at major events.

Professional photographers can lose their photos in a variety of ways. The majority of photographers keep their photos on SD cards, external hard drives, or sometimes RAID systems if they have a larger amount of photos that need storage. These media types are susceptible to data loss through:

  • Accidental file deletion
  • Viruses on memory cards and other devices
  • Hard drive failures
  • Improper insertion/removal of a memory card from the camera
  • Power surge while transferring photos between devices

These are only some of the possible scenarios in which a photographer could lose their photos. If using any type of hard drive or external storage system, there is always a possibility that environmental damage or simple dropping of the device could cause data loss. 

Why Data Recovery Is Important for Photographers

Local photography company, Anytime Picture has used Secure Data Recovery to retrieve lost files from external media that failed. They had peace of mind knowing that Secure Data has a 96% success rate in recovering data from all devices. 

The company gave a statement saying, “We used Secure Data Recovery after our server failed and they recovered photos from multiple clients. They were able to recover our photos with little downtime for our company.”  

These events are usually milestones in someone’s life whether it be a graduation, anniversary, birthday, or wedding. The picture-worthy moments in life only happen once and losing that memory due to data loss or device failure results in disappointed people and a revenue loss for a professional photographer. 

Using photo recovery software may not be able to recover photos from corrupt devices. It also does not guarantee security when used and may not recover every picture. That one photo could be the exact shot a client wanted from their special day. Using a certified data recovery company gives you the best chance at a full recovery of your photos.

Picture Perfect Recovery

Our engineers have innovative ways to recover data from the pins on an eMMC card and are manufacturer-approved to work on all hard drive and external media types. As a member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), Secure Data Recovery provides quality service to those in need of photograph recovery. Businesses or individuals who are also members of the PPA qualify for a 10% discount on our recovery services.

A photograph captures a moment in time that later becomes a precious memory. Don’t let your photos be lost forever. Call Secure Data Recovery to recover your data at 1-800-388-1266. 

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