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How to: Recover a lost hard disk partition

A lost or deleted partition can be a scary and frustrating experience for any PC user. Recovering that lost data should not be hassle.


One of the worst feelings you can have, when using a PC, is to begin searching for a file that you know is stored only on your local computer and to learn that the file is missing. This happens to everyone at one time or another: you meant to move the file to a cloud-synced folder or your daily backup had yet to run. For whatever reason, the file is no longer there.

There are many options available for file recovery that range from free programs on the web to data recovery specialist. But, what do you do if the partition that held the file is also missing? Is it possible to recover an entire partition on a drive if your PC no longer recognizes its existence?

Recovering lost or deleted partitions

As disconcerting as it is to lose the ability to locate an entire drive partition may be, there are a number of ways to address the issue. The three most common choices are:

  • Use partition repair software to rebuild or repair the lost partition
  • Use a partition recovery program to access lost files
  • Use a data recovery company to rebuild or recover lost files

Each of these options has their own pros and cons. Partition repair programs may not be able to recover all of your pre-existing files on the lost partition once the rebuild is complete. Partition recovery programs require a working partition for files to be moved to in order to recover lost files. Lastly, data recovery companies, while the most reliable of these selections, require that the drive be removed from your computer and sent to their recovery centers.

In most cases, as long as the user is comfortable attempting the file recovery themselves, a partition recovery program will be the simplest and quickest road to recovering lost files.

How to recover files from a lost partition

There are a number of free file recovery programs available to enterprising PC users. For this example, we will be using a freeware program by EaseUS named EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition.

Here are the steps to recovering files from a lost or deleted partition:

  • First, download, install, and launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition.
  • From the interface, choose the image associated with Partition Recovery.
  • Next, select the file types you wish to recover.
  • On the following screen, chose the drive with the lost partition. The program will begin to search the drive for lost files.
  • After Quick Partition Searching has completed, you will see a list of recovered files.
  • Finally, select the files that you wish to recover and then designate a new location for the files to be stored.

You should now have recovered the missing files located on the lost partition.

Keep in mind that the lost partition may be a sign that there are more significant issues with your storage drive and replacement may be your best long-term option.

Final Word

Recovering files from a lost partition is not impossible, as we have shown here, but should not be taken lightly. If you are uncomfortable with using the same programs as we have demonstrated or if the lost files are important, consider using a data recovery service, like Secure Data Recovery, and have the peace of mind knowing that recovery professionals are working to save your data.

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