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Our Predictions for the Top Tech Trends of 2019

Our Predictions for the Top Tech Trends of 2019

Tech of all shapes and sizes impacts our lives on a daily-often hourly-basis. Secure Data Recovery Services has attended some of the world’s top tech conferences and vendor shows this year. These shows often provide a VIP preview of tech trends to come. Here are the top 5 trends expected to emerge in 2019:

1) Foldable screens

Like many of the emerging tech trends, we’ve heard whispers of foldable screen for years. This is the first time, however, they appear ready to burst into the consumer market for purpose. So what is the purpose of screens that can fold and flex? Besides the novelty, bendable screens could boost the already booming wearable market while also offering a response to the demand for more durable device screens.

2) Robotic Processing Automation (RPA)

Few tech trends result in as much controversy as the rise of robotic processing automation. Critics worry that the automation of jobs will result in the loss of millions of jobs. Other research counters that a relatively small number of jobs performed by people with knowledge can actually be fully automated. RPA is unique because it utilizes software to automate processes. Data storage may make up a part of the automation process.

3) Data authenticity

Data rivals monetary currency in today’s markets. The explosion of big data has proven profitable for all sorts of ventures. All data is not equal, however. Unverified, falsified data has proven costly because predictions and decisions are made based on data. Previously, the validity of data has been assumed. The application of machine learning is increasingly used to verify the authenticity of data to ensure that the predictions based on data are valid.

4) 5G

Major carriers have been promising-and a few have delivered-faster, more reliable 5G networks for a few years. 2019 is the year where 5G networks are expected to finally dominate the mobile broadband environment. The speed boosts provided by 5G networks offer faster download and upload speeds. There’s also noticeably less lag, which improves the immersive experience of other emerging tech, like virtual reality and the Internet of Things (IoT).

5) Closing the tech gender gap

A trend that no one could miss at this year’s tech shows was the increasing number of award-winning devices designed for women and by women. There were at least 20 digital health products at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) marketed towards the growing “Mommy Tech” audience. In addition to the increased number of devices intended to improve the lives and health of women and their families, the tech industry itself is also taking a longer and deeper look into how to address the gender gap within leading companies. The trends of tomorrow offer hope for a brighter, more integrated future. While some advancements may threaten the jobs of the past, there’s the possibility from countless new careers as new, unexpected needs emerge. Beyond superficial themes of increasing flexibility, customization, and water-proofing, 2019 looks to be the year for co-solutions. Previous years have introduced the emergence of trends in isolation, like machine learning and wearables. The future offers solutions to continue advancement while also building on the strengths of discovery by combining them. Follow our global travels to tech shows in 2019 in real-time through twitter at @SecureData. Tweet us your predictions for tech trends in the new year.
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