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More PC tips and tricks to maximize your PC productivity

Most PC users think themselves beyond the need to learn new tips and tricks.


A few months ago, we listed four handy tips to improve the productivity of average PC users. These suggestions were general quality of life improvements or simple PC functions and processes that most of us have neglected to notice or were never given the option to learn.

Good news! Those first four weren't the only tips and tricks that can help increase your daily productivity or simply add to your quality of life. Here are a number of bonus tricks to try out.

Typing Tips

Delete an entire word - Instead of deleting a single letter, pressing CTRL + BACKSPACE will delete the entire word behind the cursor. This makes deleting text quicker if you screw up a whole word.

Making sub and superscript text - If you need to make sub or superscript text, press CTRL + = for subscript and CTRL + SHIFT + = for superscript.

Move your cursor to the next/previous word - To move your cursor to the beginning of the previous word, use CTRL + Left Arrow. To move it to the beginning of the next word, use CTRL + Right Arrow.

Keyboard Tips

Fix little mistakes - CTRL + Z is the ultimate keyboard trick. If you accidentally delete or move a file, you can hit CTRL + Z to bring it right back to where it was.

Close current programs - Most gamers will recognize this tip. Typing ALT + F4 will close the program that is running. This is useful as it saves you time mousing over the X and clicking. Gamers will often use this as a joke, telling you to press ALT + F4 to fix a problem. Don't fall for it.

Minimize all windows - Pressing Windows + D will minimize everything you have up, which will save you some time pressing the minimize button for each window. Windows + M offers similar functionality, but there is no undoing.

File Tips

Quickly rename a file - Simply press F2 while a file is selected to change its name. To alter the name of another file, type TAB without deselecting the current file.

Sequentially rename files - Select all the files you want to change, right-click the first one in the list, select rename (or use F2), and type in the new name. This will automatically change all the other files with the same root name with a suffix.

Use your keyboard to select multiple files - To select a multiple files using your keyboard, press Shift + down arrow to select a single file or Shift + Page Down to select a large group of files.

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