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A Technician inspects a raid array

RAID Server Configurations and How They Affect Redundancy

Many businesses use RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) technology as a safe, efficient means of data storage. Below are some of the most common types of RAID server configurations and how their designs affect data loss and recovery. For the best possible protection, you should regularly back up important RAID data in at least two offsite locations and immediately contact a RAID data recovery provider at the first signs of data loss.

Database Network

Database Recovery: Why Experience and Specialization Matter

Databases are the building blocks for many businesses' information storage systems. The basic function of a database is to store and quickly call up information, and whether a company runs an online shopping website or an insurance sales call center, databases are an essential part of daily business. When databases become corrupt or unreadable, you need a professional data recovery provider with extensive experience. Here's a look at a few of the unique challenges of database repair and recovery.


Western Digital Announces World’s Thinnest Hybrid Hard Drive

Western Digital, one of the world's largest hard drive manufacturers, will introduce a new 5 millimeter-thin, 2.5-inch long hybrid hard disk drive at the company's WD Investor Day event on September 13th, 2012. Hybrid hard drives have NAND flash storage and standard hard disk drives, which allows them to combine the speed of solid-state drives (SSD) and the capacity of standard HDDs to deliver an excellent user experience.

Secure Laptop Data Recovery

Factors that Affect Laptop and Desktop Data Recovery

Many of our clients ask whether they could prevent data loss by buying desktop and laptop hard drives from a certain brand or by maintaining their drives with disk utilities. Unfortunately, even the best hard drives eventually become less accurate and stop reading data correctly. Nevertheless, by learning about some of the factors that affect data loss, you can know what to expect when you send your drive in for recovery.

Data Recovery Tape

Data Recovery on Different Types of Data Tapes

Many businesses use data tapes as a low-quality, high-density form of permanent data storage. Magnetic tapes are reliable and have a long storage life, provided that they are placed in a room temperature environment free from excessive dust

A User suddenly realizes they've lost all their critical data

Common Types of Data Loss and How to Prevent Them

We receive thousands of cases each year, and while no two are the same, we've found that many of our clients lose data for similar reasons. Here are a few of the most common types of data loss. Remember that data loss can occur at any time. Even if you have a new computer or a redundant storage system, you should always remember to backup your information frequently to keep yourself protected.

A man recognizes his hard drive has died

Hard Drive Failure Symptoms

Hard drives contain a lot of moving parts, so they occasionally fail and lose data. Unfortunately, many computer users don't recognize the symptoms of a failing hard drive right away and continue to operate their drive, which greatly increases the chances of permanent data loss.

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