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Looking for Your Data in the Garbage

Looking for Your Data in the Garbage

One precious file lost in a terabyte of trash. Maybe the file is somewhere else? Maybe. Maybe. Maybe. Data recovery is so much easier when you know where the data is supposed to be. Maybe it is on that drive that crashed last week that had nothing but company party videos. Maybe it's time to start digging in that trash can. Looking for your precious data in the garbage isn't fun. You know it is somewhere on the drive. Maybe it is here under this...

DNA New Building Material

DNA New Building Material for Hard Drives

If you're an avid Star Trek fan, you may not be surprised to know that DNA may be our future in electronics. You see biotechnology used in many episodes, and we may not be far away from using it ourselves. Leonard Adleman is the mastermind behind the DNA hard drive. He was the first to conceptualize DNA as more than just the blueprint for life. It could also be used to solve mathematical problems.

Disk array in datacenter

Why a RAID 5 Does Not Provide Perfect Data Protection

Most businesses use some type of RAID as a primary form of data protection. By definition, a RAID provides redundancy, meaning that no file exists in a single physical location; many types of RAID servers can sustain one, two or three hard drive failures without losing data. Unlike earlier versions of RAID, RAID 5 uses parity and block-level striping to write information.

backup button

Avoid Permanent Data Loss by Checking Your Backups Regularly

Modern computer users know that in order to avoid data loss, they need to regularly back up their most important files. However, while many businesses and personal computer users take appropriate steps to back up their files, very few take the time to verify the quality of their backups. This step is incredibly important and can mean the difference between a minor inconvenience and a major catastrophe.

Tape Data Backup

How Iron Oxide Loss Can Damage Your Data Tape Archives

Data tapes and cartridges serve an important function in enterprise-level data storage infrastructure. Tapes provide a relatively inexpensive and dependable way to create archives; and if your business ever needs to restore its systems or recreate data from a specific point in time, these archives can prove invaluable. Of course, in order to see any benefit from data tapes and cartridges, you need to make sure that they are in working condition.

USB sticks

Is a USB Flash Drive More Reliable Than a Hard Drive?

Many computer users transfer files between PCs with USB flash drives. If you regularly use flash media, you might wonder whether NAND flash technology has a higher or lower rate of failure than a traditional desktop or laptop hard disk drive. The answer depends on a few key factors. For example, the technology used by your flash drive's manufacturer directly reflects its expected lifespan.

Computer technician

How RAID Hardware Damage Can Cause Database Corruption and File Damage

One of the most common data loss scenarios on large RAID systems is database corruption. Corrupt databases are either completely unreadable or practically unusable, and businesses often face serious downtime and heavy losses when corruption occurs. Although many factors can cause database corruption on modern systems, hardware damage is a common and potentially serious contributor.

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