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How Successful is Data Recovery

How Successful is Data Recovery?

Many data recovery companies out there explain how a physical recovery with certified engineers produces the best results as far as the number of files recovered from a damaged device. However, there may be consumers who question data recovery and

Top 5 Error Messages

Top 5 Common Error Messages on Computers and What they Mean

It is the dreaded text across a dark screen that people cannot click out of, the “error message.” At some point, you have probably experienced this tragedy when using a laptop or desktop computer, and unless you have a strong

Flash Drive USB Data Recovery

How Is Data Recovered from a USB Flash Drive

Though small in size, a USB flash drive can have a large impact on your digital life. These external storage devices can be the one place you keep all of your photos, videos, work documents, and other valuable data. When

Video Game Storage Media

Storage Media Needs Evolve with New Gaming Systems

The shelter-in-place orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic have brought out the gamers everywhere and perhaps turned some people into video game lovers. People are anxiously awaiting the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X releases later this year, but one

File Recovery Software

What is File Recovery Software and Do I Need It?

Tech users everywhere have experienced that moment of panic when they realize that they have just deleted files from their computer that they desperately needed. Sometimes only a few important files are deleted, while other times it may be an

2020 Trends in Data Recovery

Top Data Recovery Trends Happening in 2020

The year 2020 has not unfolded the way anyone would have expected, but some changes in the tech world that have been positives for businesses with data backup and recovery needs. With many corporate entities operating with a majority remote

Data Storage and Logical Operation in Digital Memory

Researchers Combine Data Storage and Logical Operations in Digital Memory

Technology is constantly changing with experts working on improving the devices we use on a daily basis. This most recent innovation allows logical operations on a device to take place in the same area where data is stored long-term. This

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