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A Solid-State Hybrid Drive

Upgrades For Your Laptop: Seagate’s Thin SSHD

In an effort to provide a low-cost alternative to the current batch of laptop SSDs, Seagate has introduced the Seagate Laptop Thin SSHD. The new drive is designed to be small enough to fit in most super-compact laptops, fast enough to exceed the access speeds of most conventional drives, and inexpensive enough to compete favorably against solid state drives.

Computer Forensics

Why You Should Never Assume That Data is Unrecoverable

For many computer users, data loss is an unfortunate eventuality. The best backup systems cannot offer perfect protection from user error, catastrophic hardware failure, natural events and other potential dangers. Fortunately, professional data recovery companies can retrieve files from damaged media in the vast majority of cases. In our experience, there are no scenarios that automatically render a device unrecoverable.

A SimCity is struck by meteors

SimCity 5: When DRM Goes Bad

One of the most anticipated games of the year, SimCity 5 was released and almost immediately players were reporting issues. Server outages, rollbacks, instability of core game functions and general "game-breaking" problems bubbled to the surface. How did such a beloved franchise fall so far in a seemingly short amount of time? Five simple words: Always On Digital Rights Management.

Apple Mac

Choosing an Appropriate Backup Strategy for an Apple Laptop

To keep your files protected from hard drive failure, theft and other common dangers, you need to develop an appropriate backup strategy for your Apple laptop. Fortunately, there are a number of excellent data backup programs for the Mac OS operating system including the Time Machine software and Time Capsule. Here are some tips to keep in mind when planning effective backup.

A Laptop Sitting on a Desk

Top Five Features To Look For In A New Gaming Laptop

One of the most exciting aspects of the new PC gaming market is the removal of the imaginary desktop tether. Gone are the days when a PC gaming enthusiast was require to stay home near a large, stationary box or was forced to carry a 25 pound computer to a friend’s home. Now, true gaming laptops are available and easily accessible.

The Hassle of That One Missing Folder

The Hassle of That One Missing Folder

Nancy's old computer crashed and the hard drive just quit spinning. Everything that made Nancy's office efficient was in the Nancy folder and now that folder was trapped on a dead hard drive. After a few days, everyone began to notice that important templates, form letters, and other obscure pieces of information were no longer available. The Nancy folder doesn't have to be lost forever. It's all still there. Here are the important steps you need to take to recover the data.

XBox 360

Recovering data from your Xbox

One of the best additions to the console gaming market in recent years has been the inclusion of online services and the ability to download games directly to your system. These have been made by possible with the addition of internal hard drives but what happens if your drive fails and jeopardizes countless older games that are no longer available for download? Is there recovery options?

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