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Apple's ipad display

Keeping Your Apple Warranty Intact When Pursuing Data Recovery

Apple's customer service department is legendary for their fast response times and no-nonsense attitude towards product replacements, The company does insist on using a certified Apple repair company when treating hard drive failures but Apple's warranty does not cover data recovery.

Dirty Computer

Five Simple Steps For Cleaning Up Your PC

Cleaning up your PC is one of the easier ways to optimize the performance of a heavily used or older system. Time and use tend to add wear to a system that is sometimes hard to notice. You may even have a dust bunny colony thriving on top of your disk drive. All of these can be cleaned up easily and quickly.

Frozen Hard Drive

Can You Fix a Broke Hard Drive by Freezing It?

All hard drives eventually fail. One of the more popular tricks for treating a damaged hard drive involves putting the disk into a freezer for several hours, then plugging it into a computer and booting it. There are several reasons why data recovery engineers do not freeze hard drives to fix them.


Organizing Regular Tests of Your Business’s Data Backup System

Regularly checking your backups is an important part of your data protection policy. Wellness checks are not optional; even if you use a dependable, automatic program to protect mission-critical systems, testing your backup protects you from user error, file corruption, media failures and other issues.

Tape Storage

Storing Tapes Properly to Prevent Data Loss

Businesses with large servers and serious data storage systems often back up critical data with tape cartridges. Proper storage is a fundamental component of any data tape archive. To make sure that your backups are available when you need them, make sure to keep your tapes in an appropriate environment.

Google Glass

New and Cool: Google Glass

When most people think of the future and technology, they think of clean, minimalist spaces and Heads-up display or hands-free technology interfaces. The idea behind Google Glass is to create a hands-free HUD capable of replicating all of the major functions associated with today's smartphones.

Damaged Photo

Common Causes of Photo Corruption and File Damage

Data corruption is a fairly common problem for computer users. Any file can become corrupt due to operating system or software issues, but image file corruption is especially common and problematic. Depending on the software that you use to access and edit your images, you might see corruption manifest in a number of ways.

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