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A Laptop in Water

UK Flood Victims Need Reliable Resource for Data Recovery

Creating accurate flood damage estimates can be difficult, especially when factoring in the costs of flood-related data loss. Hard drives, RAID servers and other devices are extremely susceptible to water damage, and flood waters can prevent computer users from accessing important files by damaging storage media.

A Solid-State Hybrid Drive

Upgrades For Your Laptop: Seagate’s Thin SSHD

In an effort to provide a low-cost alternative to the current batch of laptop SSDs, Seagate has introduced the Seagate Laptop Thin SSHD. The new drive is designed to be small enough to fit in most super-compact laptops, fast enough to exceed the access speeds of most conventional drives, and inexpensive enough to compete favorably against solid state drives.

Computer Forensics

Why You Should Never Assume That Data is Unrecoverable

For many computer users, data loss is an unfortunate eventuality. The best backup systems cannot offer perfect protection from user error, catastrophic hardware failure, natural events and other potential dangers. Fortunately, professional data recovery companies can retrieve files from damaged media in the vast majority of cases. In our experience, there are no scenarios that automatically render a device unrecoverable.

A Laptop Sitting on a Desk

Top Five Features To Look For In A New Gaming Laptop

One of the most exciting aspects of the new PC gaming market is the removal of the imaginary desktop tether. Gone are the days when a PC gaming enthusiast was require to stay home near a large, stationary box or was forced to carry a 25 pound computer to a friend’s home. Now, true gaming laptops are available and easily accessible.

safely and securely dispose of your data

How to Safely and Securely Dispose of Your Data Without the Extremes

Believe it or not, simply deleting files will not permanently erase them from your hard drive. Formatting hard drives is a common way to make data unusable. But alas, reformatting may "cover up" the data, but it is still there and can be accessed. It's no wonder that people freeze and then take a hammer to their hard drives. How else could you be safe? Wait; don't throw your hard drive in the fire yet...

Recovering Deleted Data from a RAID 5 System

Recovering Deleted Data from a RAID 5 System

RAID 5 is one of the most common RAID configurations due to its high access speeds and reliable redundancy. However, RAID 5 redundancy does not protect against accidental deletion or other sources of logical file damage. If you unintentionally delete files or partitions from your RAID device, take the following steps to improve your chances of a successful recovery.

Disk array in datacenter

Why a RAID 5 Does Not Provide Perfect Data Protection

Most businesses use some type of RAID as a primary form of data protection. By definition, a RAID provides redundancy, meaning that no file exists in a single physical location; many types of RAID servers can sustain one, two or three hard drive failures without losing data. Unlike earlier versions of RAID, RAID 5 uses parity and block-level striping to write information.

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