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selfie camera under display photos

Revolutionizing Selfies with Under-Screen Cameras

The days of having an impeded front screen on your phone are numbered. Both Oppo and Xiaomi, Chinese consumer electronics companies, have designed a phone with a front-facing camera hidden below the pixels. Pixels, Pixels Everywhere but Not a Camera

Sony internet of things chips

Sony Creates Long-Range Internet of Things Chip

The idea of smart cities is becoming a part of the not so distant future with the creation of chips that connect with all internet of things (IoT) devices. To jumpstart this movement, Sony Corporation, a multinational conglomerate electronic company,

consumers rent technology

How A Service Based Economy Leads To Us Renting Technology

How A Service-Based Economy Shapes What We Own And What We Do Call an Uber, book a room on Airbnb, download and use an app. Slowly, but surely, we’ve become renters of our own digital devices, music, movies, and many

facebook robots learn walking and problem solving

Facebook Is Developing Self-Learning Robots

What used to be sci-fi fantasy is becoming reality as robots are programmed to react the same way as humans. Artificial Intelligence (AI) researchers who work for the social media giant, Facebook, developed an early prototype of robots that can

samsung galaxy fold returning

Samsung Plans to Reintroduce The Galaxy Fold

The Samsung Galaxy Fold Plans Return On February 20, Samsung announced a revolutionary new smartphone for its Galaxy line dubbed Galaxy Fold. This is a phone which allows consumers to use it as a phone, but then open it up

top gifts graduate secure drive

The Top 7 Tech Gifts to Give the Graduate in Your Life

Graduation season is here and in this age of technology, you need a gift that fits a recent graduate’s digital lifestyle. Whether they are moving on to college or entering the real-world in search of a job, the tech gadgets

drones popularity uses

The Inner Workings of Drones and Their Storage Media

What was originally created for military use evolved into a popular technological trend for consumers of all ages. The drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) without a human pilot on board. It is projected that close to 2 million

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