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Email Server Has No Backup After System-Wide Hack

VFEmail, an email server that aims to “Make email safe for the masses,” was hacked on February 11th. This server was created for personal users, small businesses, and non profit organizations. This hack led the 18-year-old company to lose all


Winter Weather Doesn’t Bode Well for Your Hard Drive

In the 2018-19 winter season, we have already seen several feet of snow in the Northeast, record cold temperatures in the Midwest, and it’s not over yet. Weather.com projects that February will bring below average temperatures throughout more than half


Top 5 Tech Gifts for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you may be scrambling to find a gift that breaks the norm of flowers and chocolates. Here are the top five technology-based gifts we found to surprise your loved one: 1. The Shake-N-Wake

The Evolution of Hard Disk Drives and Storage Capacity

The Evolution of Storage Capacity in Hard Disk Drives What began as a 6-foot tall disk storage device with 50 platters has evolved into a Hard Disk Drive with a 2.5 inch platter. Hard Disk Drives (HDD) are hardware devices


Effects of E-Waste on the Environment

Technology Has Significant Effects on the Environment Everyone waits with bated breath to see when the newest version of a phone or computer is coming out. But when everyone ditches their older model for the latest update, where do those

5 Essential Steps To Safely Upgrade Your Device

5 Essential Steps to Safely Upgrade Your Device

There are many important reasons why you should upgrade your device, but do you know how to safely upgrade your device while also protecting your sensitive data? When a new smartphone, laptop, tablet or computer catches your eye and gives


Government Shutdown Poses Data Loss Risks

Security and Corrupted Data Risks Due to Government Shutdown The recent United States government shutdown affected 800,000 workers in a variety of agencies, but what is lesser known is the effect the shutdown had on the government’s economic data. Many

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