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WD Blue HDD Crash Threatens Priceless Family Data

Sometimes we all need reminding just how vulnerable our most precious memories can be to data loss. It pays to keep important images and videos backed up in multiple locations. Trusting them to an external drive can be risky, as

Resurrecting an Old CNC Industrial Drive

Sometimes referred to as the father of the second industrial revolution, John T. Parsons of Parson Corporation was an early pioneer of the computer technology that would eventually become computer numerical control machines, or CNC machines for short. Parsons originally

Apple Issues Urgent Security Patch for iOS, macOS

This month saw several security updates released by Microsoft to protect users from newly discovered cybersecurity vulnerabilities, including the so-called PrintNightmare and PetitPotam exploits. Now a zero-day exploit targeting Apple computers and mobile devices has been discovered, and Apple has

Data Rescued from Crashed Synology NAS Device

High-end digital capture and post-production companies require uninterrupted access to creative assets. Clients rely on this, and business reputations can suffer without it. But data loss can strike any organization at any time. When it does, businesses need immediate and

SSD Endurance and Why It’s Important

For most consumers, the shelf life of a digital storage device might not be the principal factor that informs their decision to purchase one brand or product over another. Storage size, read and write speeds, and cost likely figure much

Silver Sparrow Malware Targets Apple’s New M1 Chip

Cybersecurity firm Red Canary announced earlier this month that two of its detection engineers had made an unusual discovery: “a strain of macOS malware using a LaunchAgent to establish persistence.” The malware, dubbed Silver Sparrow, was not itself unusual. What

You Really Need to Upgrade from Windows 7

If you or your company is still using Windows 7, it’s time to make a change. Your network security will depend on it. Microsoft ended its support back in January 2020. In a post on its support page, Microsoft said

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