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Why You Need a Cleanroom for Hard Drive Recovery

A cleanroom is a specialized environment that uses advanced air filtration and uni-directional airflow to remove airborne particulates. Cleanrooms have different classifications that correspond to how clean they can keep the air inside. Many different industries use cleanrooms to maintain

Is the Cost of Data Recovery Worth It?

When experiencing data loss, our customers generally want to know the answer to two questions: what does data recovery cost, and is it worth the money? The simplest answers are that it varies, and it depends. Of course, the full

How to Fix iPhone Error 4013

An iPhone error 4013 generally indicates that something has gone wrong while restoring backup data to your phone. This could be caused by a few different factors, but the error generally indicates a connectivity issue or a hardware problem. Below,

Getting Boot Device Not Found Error on a Laptop?

If you’ve turned on your laptop and received a Boot Device Not Found message, then you know just how frustrating data loss can be. Whatever the cause of the message, the effect is that your computer has placed an impenetrable

Custom Recovery from a Micron Laptop SSD

Honolulu-based Michelle Guo recently experienced problems starting up her Dell Latitude E6320 laptop computer. When she powered up the device, the internal Micron SSD 2.5 mSATA 250 GB storage drive would not boot and Windows returned a Blue Screen error.

Family History Rescued from Media-Damaged RAID 0

Daniel Aviles contacted Secure Data Recovery Services through one of our local offices in Miami, Florida. An immigrant from Cuba, Mr. Aviles has lived in Florida for many years, during which he has preserved a large collection of images, videos,

Oracle Database Recovery from an HP ProLiant Server

An energy infrastructure company on the East Coast recently contacted Secure Data Recovery Services about a problem they had with one of their servers at its large-scale R&D testing facilities. This green technology innovator lost access to master data files

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