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Next Generation Video Game Consoles Use SSD Memory

Xbox and PlayStation both use SSD storage for their newest gaming consoles.


Video game console development has grown exponentially since the humble beginnings of Pong and PacMan. What used to be basic 8-bit graphics, digitized music, and pixelated characters have morphed into 8k, multimedia platforms that function as a computer. Of course, with all of these new features comes the need for more space.

Overview of Video Game Storage Through the Ages

Storage sizes and types of video game consoles have changed drastically over the years evolving through what are called “generations” of consoles starting with the first and currently being in the eighth. It started primitively with cassettes and cartridges, and now boasts internal memory and online connection.

video game console storage

  • Tape format–Surprisingly enough cassette tapes and VHS tapes were used to store gaming information like graphics and sound effects for interactive gaming.
      • Common systems: Computers and Atari 2600
  • Card Format–The gaming cards were the size of a credit card and had the ROM and printed circuit boards within the thin piece. It could hold 32 Kilobytes of ROM.
      • Common Systems: Sega and SuperGrafx
  • Cartridges–Printed Circuit Boards and read-only memory with written software was housed in a plastic coating. These were the first external media to be used with home consoles. Storage capacity on these ranged from 4 MB to 64 MB.
      • Common systems: Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Atari 5200
  • Disc Storage–CD-based consoles got rid of clunky cartridges but could not save memory on the disc. The solution was to introduce memory cards along with the disc. The memory card storage ranged from 1 MB to 16 MB.
      • Common Systems: PlayStation, Nintendo GameCube
  • Internal Storage–Many systems transitioned to having internal storage with additional options for memory cards. Today’s consoles have immense internal storage up to 320 GB with the Xbox and 500 GB with the PlayStation 3

Xbox vs. PlayStation

Xbox is attempting to keep up with its PlayStation competitor by coming out with new gaming console hardware. Their newest device will use Solid State Drive (SSD) as virtual RAM. The development of the console is known as “Project Scarlett” and promises up to 120 frames per second and four times more powerful performance than previous Xbox models. The SSD storage guarantees low load times and has an 8K resolution display.

PlayStation has already announced their upcoming “PlayStation 5” which will support 8K graphics, fast SSD storage, and will be compatible with PlayStation 4 games. Additionally, there will be all new hardware with an eight-core CPU and it will be the first console to have ray-tracing graphics. This feature generates an image by tracing the path of light as pixels simulate virtual encounters with objects. SSDs on a PlayStation will decrease boot times with a reported .8 seconds for the new system as compared to 15 seconds on the current PS4.

Both models are expected to debut in 2020.

Any Internal Storage Deserves Professional Care

Solid State Drives can be more difficult to deal with than hard drives and therefore require expert care. Secure Data Recovery services can recover data from all devices including SSD, HDD, RAID, and more. Our experienced engineers have a 96% success rate for all recoveries. If you are in need of data recovery on your video game console storage or any other type of media, call 1-800-388-1266.

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