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New And Cool: Ten New Features In iOS 7

1. The new iOS will have a very different feel. Icons, fonts, and animations will look different and the color schemes will change as well.


Hot on the heels of Apple’s iPhone announcement came word that a new operating system would be released prior to the iPhone 5S and 5C availability. iOS 7 is the software side of Apple’s attempt to regain the lucrative smartphone market back from Samsung and the flood of Android devices. iOS 7 will be available on September 18th and is designed to work on older iPhones (starting with the iPhone 4), iPad (starting with version 2), iPad Mini, and iPod Touch (starting with 5th generation).

Ten New Features of iOS 7

  1. Design: The new iOS will have a very different feel. Icons, fonts, and animations will look different and the color schemes will change as well.
  2. Control Center: Easy access to settings is now available with a simple swipe up from any screen in iOS 7.
  3. Multi-Tasking: iOS 7 now allows for better multi-tasking. Tapping the “Home” button twice will open a new window that lists all running apps and provides the ability to turn off a running application. The screen also allows users to delete an application.
  4. AirDrop: AirDrop is Apple’s answer to Samsung’s “S” line of phones and their ability to share user data, like files and photos, by clicking two phones together. AirDrop allows iOS 7 users to transmit files between iOS 7 equipped devices without first opening a text message or e-mail.
  5. Siri: Siri will now access new databases in an attempt to provide a wider base of knowledge in order to answer questions. Siri will have new Twitter integration allowing for searches of currently trending topics. Siri will also have access to new male and female voices.
  6. Photo App: Photo organization in iOS 7 is automatic and includes when a photo was taken, along with where, and includes new folders named “Moments,” “Collections,” and “years.”
  7. Camera App: The camera app now includes two new options called “square picture” and “panorama.” The camera app also includes new filters for photos, in the same vein as Instagram.
  8. Safari: iOS 7 includes an update to the Safari browser. The new Safari version will allow for full-screen viewing, a new “smart-search” function, and a new tab view.
  9. iTunes Radio: iOS 7 will include Apple’s answer to Pandora. iTunes Radio will become available with iOS 7 launch and will provide users with preconfigured radio stations along with the ability to create stations based on artisits.
  10. Find My Phone lock: The “find my phone” feature, available on most iPhones will now come with the ability to lock the phone. To access a phone with this feature enabled will require the Apple ID and password associated with the phone.
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