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Minecraft and the need for Data Recovery

Mojang's surprise hit "Minecraft" allows players to survive, acquire and create anything their imaginations desire


In the world of Minecraft, the only limiting factor to your experience is creativity. Each world is an intricate combination of blocks that form whatever your imagination asks them to be. Do you want to build a favorite spaceship from a popular television show? You can build it. Do you want to recreate an entire world that you saw in a movie? You can build it. Do you want to recreate the Earth as a scale model? You can build that too, it just takes time.

Limited only by your imagination

Time is the personal investment that forms the basis of all creation in Minecraft. The user must place each block in order to build a design and while the individual blocks appear small, the combined volume of a major project can be staggering. Take, for example, a simple building design that is 25 blocks wide by 30 blocks long and 45 blocks high. On a Minecraft world map that can be as large as 20,000 blocks wide and 256 blocks high, our building is only a small portion of the overall landscape.

However, consider that the volume of our building is 33,750 blocks. Depending upon the density of materials in our building and the amount of decorating and design flair added to the final project, our building would use at least one-half of the total volume, or about 16,800 blocks. Consider the time it will take in Minecraft to place each of these blocks and you will have an approximate value of the personal investment required to build even a simple building.

Now, let us look at the time investment needed to place these 16,000 blocks. If you were able to place a single block each second for the entire building process, the total time needed to complete the project would be approximately four and a half hours. Unfortunately, building at the rate of a block per second is nearly impossible in a real world scenario and we have not accounted for the design process, material acquisition, mistakes, or adjustments. If you assign a single second to each block for these additional building parameters, the total time needed for the completion of a simple Minecraft building increases to nearly 24 hours.

When good drives go bad

What happens to your investment in the case of hardware failure or data corruption of the world file? Surely, for the average Minecraft user, the example building would not be the only project stored within the Minecraft server. There could be hundreds of similar projects affected as well. Data corruption can jeopardize hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of game time.

Secure Data Recovery Services offers professional grade data recovery services designed specifically for circumstances such as these. For a no-risk quote on restoring your Minecraft server's data files contact their customer service department today.

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