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Is Microsoft Gaining More Traction in the Cloud Storage Industry?

Microsoft's advancements show promise for the future of their cloud storage software.


On Monday Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, spoke in San Francisco about Microsoft’s cloud efforts. Over the past few years Microsoft has been trying to get ahead in the increasingly popular cloud storage niche. Following behind the top companies in the industry, Amazon and Apple, Microsoft has reportedly spent billions on updates and new software related to their cloud services.

Microsoft’s top cloud service, Azure, is already a well-known and frequently used service. Reportedly gaining over 10,000 new customers daily and currently storing over 3 trillion objects, Azure is a consumer favorite. Not to mention Visual Studio Online, Azure’s cloud storage designed specifically for developers, which currently has over 2 million developers registered with the service. Even with these amazing numbers, Microsoft isn’t entirely happy with their cloud service; they want more. So, when the CEO and vice president spoke on Monday they talked about what to expect next for Microsoft’s Cloud Storage.

What’s New

The first thing you should expect to see from Microsoft is something called The G Family” this is an entirely new class of computing power that aims to provide firepower to computer problems. The Vice President, Scott Guthrie, announced that “The G Family” can provide twice the memory of the largest Amazon cloud machine.

The next item discussed on Monday was a new premium storage option for Microsoft Cloud users. This new option will allow users to store up to 32 terabytes of data on a single Azure virtual machine. This opens the door for more corporations and businesses with large databases and mass amounts of information that need stored to start using Azure.

Another way Microsoft plans to make their cloud services more appealing to larger companies is with the possibility of hybrid cloud services. “Bringing cloud power in line with on-premises, legacy solutions.” Microsoft’s new cloud platform system will be taking Azure directly into corporate data centers in order to help these larger companies transition to the cloud more easily and at a more comfortable pace. Many of these changes are expected to take place next month.

What’s it all Mean?

Microsoft may be pulling ahead in the race for “Top Cloud Service” though, the industry is a tough one, their new approach seems promising. With their already unique way of marketing cloud storage to specific markets with things such as Visual Studio Online, and now their Hybrid, on-premises cloud service for large companies, we may see some big changes in the world of cloud storage coming from Microsoft.

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