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Mac Pros in Hollywood Experience Software Glitch

MacBook Pro users in Hollywood couldn't edit films with their Avid software due to a possible system issue.


Users of the software program, Avid, experienced issues with the operation including their servers being down and the possibility of bricking their MacBook Pro. This issue and many crashes hit production studios throughout the Hollywood area and had a variety of possible causes.

Basics of the Unknown Issue

Avid Media Composer is a film and video editing software that runs on macOS as well as Windows 7 and later. Just two days ago, several users posted on online forums warning others of the issue they experienced, like their work stations being down. Also, they advised others not to turn off or reboot their MacBook Pro, if that was the device they were using because those actions could brick the computer.

The act of “bricking” means it cannot be fixed using normal means and will not power on or function normally. Many times, people think that a bricked device means that it was damaged so severely that it becomes more of a useful paperweight than an electronic device. In this case, there was no concrete evidence if the problem lay within the Mac Pro or was a problem on MacBooks and iMac pros as well. 

The online forums suggested that something corrupted a UNIX root level folder. Forum users then encouraged everyone to back up their important files immediately. The problem hit systems across Los Angeles and Avid Editors implemented an operating system rebuild as a solution.

Recovering from an Inability to Reboot

The issue affected all macOS from 10.11 to 10.14 and it was not made clear if the bug caused the system to reboot or was initialized when a user tried to reboot the device. Avid released a statement saying their engineers and support teams were working to resolve the issue. One of the main solutions that worked for users was to rebuild the macOS installation, without data and folders becoming lost. 

It was later discovered that the issue seemed to be rooted in the Chrome browser and an update had difficulties working with Apple’s computers. Other speculated causes were a virus, bad driver or code error. Regardless of the cause, it was a widespread problem in Hollywood and possibly beyond just California. 

There are a variety of reasons a system can fail on you including:

  • Corrupted Files
  • Power Supply Failure
  • Operating System Failure
  • Damaged Hard Drive
  • Virus Damage

Secure Data Recovery has engineers who have decades of experience working with these data loss scenarios. We use the highest quality recovery tools including a Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom and will give the best results technologically possible. We boast a 96% success rate for data recovery and work with all devices and operating systems.

If your Mac machine has experienced system issues or rebooting errors, there is a greater chance of data loss. Secure Data Recovery has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California and is available to help those who have devices that experienced software viruses or physical damage. Every case we receive is given a diagnostic report with price point and estimated turnaround time. Call 1-800-388-1266. 

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