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Hot Hot Heat: Protecting your Electronics From the Sun

Electronics are sensitive to heat and, as such, precautions must be taken to protect your tech investments.


If you are a road warrior who spends a lot of time using your electronics in sunny weather, then you should consider ways to protect those devices.

The last thing you need is to have your cell phone stop working because it was baked in the sun.

Be Sensible About Where You Keep Them

Keeping your cell phone on the dashboard of your car when you are on the road is convenient. I know because I do it all of the time; but that also exposes your cell phone to those dangerous rays from the sun. Keep your electronics stored in places where they do not come into direct contact with sunlight. For example, get a travel case for your laptop and always keep your laptop in its case when you are not using it. You could also put your devices in the trunk of your vehicle when traveling or put them on the floor of the back seat and cover them with a dark blanket.

Take Your Devices Indoors Whenever Possible

Cases for your gadgets can only do so much when the car you leave them in has an interior temperature of more than 100 degrees. Your cases can protect your devices from the direct rays of the sun, but they cannot prevent your devices from being damaged by extensive exposure to the heat. When you are heading into an air-conditioned building, take your gadgets with you and give them a chance to cool off as well.

Give Them A Chance To Recover

It can be difficult to allow your devices to adjust to lower temperatures because you need them to do your job, but allowing them to adjust to room temperature is an essential part of protecting them. When you pull your laptop out of a hot vehicle and bring it indoors, avoid turning it on right away. Give your electronics time to adjust to room temperature before you ask them to perform their tasks.

Protect Your Data

You can work hard to protect your electronic devices, but sometimes things happen and you are faced with a damaged laptop or tablet. When you are on the road, you should use removable media on your devices to make sure that your data is always safe. For example, store your important documents on a USB drive and not the hard drive of your laptop. If your laptop becomes damaged because of the sun, then at least you know that your important files are all safe.

I have been devising solutions for mobile entrepreneurs for almost a decade now, and I have amassed a lot of experience when it comes to protecting data. The sun, while refreshing at times, can be one of your biggest enemies when you are out on the road. That is why you should take every precaution possible to protect your devices when the sun is at its hottest.

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