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Here’s How to Pick a VMWare Data Recovery Pro

How to Pick a VMWare Data Recovery Pro

When a computer is mirrored or repaired remotely, it’s done through a Virtual Machine system. VMWare or virtualization, adds a layer of complexity to data recovery. When choosing a VMWare data recovery professional you need a company with plenty of experience in recovery. The first thing to ask candidates for your business is how many successful VMWare data recovery jobs they have completed. Experience in this area means encountering different issues and problems and less chance of a surprise.

Effective VMWare Data Recovery

A company maintaining and working with VMWare needs to understand a wide array of technologies and hardware. The company can do the recovery work or repair a business’ VMWare so it can work on schedule. This type of recovery work and software is available for Windows, Linux and Macs. When choosing VMWare data recovery services, you should also make sure the company you pick has a cleanroom. A cleanroom is designed to keep dust out; any dust that accumulates on a hard drive can cause further issues to make your data more difficult to recover. Remote recovery is a great option to search for in a professional company to avoid the inconvenience of having to deliver the hard drive. Even with VMWare it can be useful to work with a local company, in case the hard drive needs to be delivered. This takes time and since you might be a business owner who needs that hard drive for conducting business, that means missed deadlines and lower productivity. How much downtime can your company afford? Secure Data Recovery has offices around the country. Fill out our help form to get started and we’ll let you know the location closest to you. You can also go here to find locations in each state.

Traits of a Professional Team

How most people define a good team is whether they can recover your data. Other traits needed to achieve that, include:
  • High-security service for sensitive data.

  • Has received a SOC 2 Type II audit. This ensures the highest industry practices.

  • Ability to create backups of the virtual machines.

  • Has a proactive approach to virtual server recovery. For example, removing older backups as they become less useful.

  • Your data recovery solution will only be worthwhile if it covers you in your time of need; otherwise, it becomes a waste of valuable time and resources. When it comes to this type of data recovery, find someone you trust or your chances of recovery are reduced further. We also check your virtual machine system to make sure it is up to date. Older VMWare versions take longer to backup. Calling us is one of the best ways to discover your options. Secure Data Recovery Services knows remote repair through several methods. Keep our phone number handy in case of emergency, 1-800-388-1266.
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