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Google Accounts for 25% Of All Internet Traffic

Google is growing at a faster rate than the internet itself


Google’s motto is "Don’t be evil." So far, the motto has stuck and provided for interesting discussion in the wake of poorly worded licensing agreements and press releases. Now Google is reaching into the internet provider business with Google fiber. Google is deploying autonomous vehicles and leading the research in replacing people behind the wheels of cars.

Google is on the front of many groundbreaking and important research and development projects. So far Google is the power behind the internet and is only gaining strength as more time passes. How long is it before the king of the internet becomes the internet itself?

Staggering amounts of information

In a recent report by the internet analysts at DeepField, Goggle accounted for traffic from more than 60% of all internet-capable devices. Combined, this makes Google’s share of all internet traffic and estimated 25%. These numbers include cellphones, gaming consoles, tablets, PCs, TVs, smart watches, and any other device that has become internet-capable in the last few years.

The numbers are staggering to think of. The amount of information on the internet continues to rise right alongside the amount of people who use the resources available on the internet and during that time Google has managed to increases its share of the total pie. In 2010, DeepField only estimated the total reach of Google control at 6%. That is a 400% increase in three short years.

Google is growing at a faster rate than the internet itself. If Google continues on this torrid pace the internet super-giant will account for over 51% of all traffic on the internet in only FIVE years.

Hail to the King baby

So far, I have no issues with Google taking the reigns as the internet king. The company as a whole has done nothing to warrant anymore suspicion of corruption than any other for-profit corporation. However, as the internet goliath gobbles up a larger share of the total daily internet traffic, how possible will it be to stop the company from doing evil if it finally choose to.

History is littered with people and organizations that started out with purely altruistic ideals and activities only to watch the entities change as they grew larger than their original scope.

If Google becomes a pariah in the internet water, will anyone be able to stop a company that controls half of all the worlds data traffic? Imagine if one company owned 51% of all the roads in the world. If that company suddenly decided to close those roads or to raise a toll for their use, what would we be able to do?

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