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Helpful Fourth of July Apps

The Fourth is a time for apple pies, the red, white and blue, and a great time to use your tech.


The Fourth of July is all about fun, food, fireworks, and our Founding fathers. So, get out your apple pies and your red, white, and blue! It's time to fire up the grill, gather with loved ones, and have an awesome time. Enjoy this Fourth of July with your smartphone or tablet to make all of your grilling, fireworks, and fun the best that it can be.

Helpful Fourth of July Apps

  • Declaration for iOS - First of all, let's try to remember why we are commemorating the Fourth of July. Review your American history and revel in the power and beauty of our founders' words. You can read the Declaration of Independence or look at the original document in all of its parchment and historical glory. This app is also available as the "Declaration for iPad" app for iPads.
  • July 4th Fun, Facts & Trivia - Now that the grill is stocked and your drinks are ready, let the fun begin. Keep everyone guessing and in the spirit with an excellent themed trivia game. Stoke your patriotic energies with July 4th Fun, Facts, & Trivia. Get the whole family involved with these great historical facts and keep everyone involved and inspired.
  • Eventful - Need a suggestion on where to watch the holiday fireworks? Eventful, for iOS devices, is like Yelp but for local activities. Get notifications and the ability to search for nearby fireworks events, or purchase tickets to local services to celebrate in style. Eventful updates you on all the events in your area.
  • Fireworks Arcade - Fireworks Arcade for iOS creates delightfully simple and colorful fireworks displays with music right on your smart device. The app also includes new fireworks-themed versions of Fruit Ninja and Whack-a-Mole to keep you entertained while you wait for the real thing. For the parents out there, preload the app for your kids and keep them entertained and busy.
  • Fireworks Deluxe Full - This 3D fireworks app lets you enjoy some Fourth of July fireworks on your smart device any time. Don't worry if your local fireworks even gets rained out or if they forgot to schedule on in the first place, this app is the next best thing. Fireworks Deluxe Full includes five city skylines as backgrounds, but you will probably end up using the Statue of Liberty.
  • Webber Grills - The Weber Grills app is an outstanding resource for both veteran grill masters that grill every Fourth and BBQ novices grilling for the first time. The Webber Grills app includes a variety of recipes for your grill, as well as grocery lists, a social community function, and tips on how to get the most out of your grill. This app is a handy guide that will become your go-to grilling resource well after the Fourth of July has passed.
  • EPA's SunWise UV Index - If you plan to spend Fourth of July on the beach, in the sun, or out on the water, then you need to keep an eye on the UV index. The EPA's UV Index app provides an hourly breakdown of the UV risk in your area. The EPA’s SunWise app will help you better protect your skin, reducing your chance of sun damage and possibly skin cancer.

Happy Fourth of July

Secure Data Recovery Services wish everyone a safe and exciting Fourth of July!

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