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Haven’t Upgraded to the iPhone 6s? Here’s what you should know!


The iPhone 6s launched over a month ago. Early adopters shared their reviews on the phone’s new features and first impressions. More than 13 million new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus models were sold in the first three days of the launch “blowing past any previous first weekend sales in Apple’s history.” With all the hype and hustle to upgrade, many users remain on the fence. If you are still waiting, here’s why you might consider taking the leap:

  • Apple’s A9 chip delivers the fastest performance of any chip ever installed in a smartphone. You’ll benefit from faster, more efficient transitions between apps and response speeds as well as a longer battery life than any previous model.
  • The surrounding 7000 series aluminum case is not only beautiful but also has the strongest glass screen of any other smartphone. If you are used to the typical $50+ addition to your new phone upgrade for a case, these improvements might allow you to let your new iPhone bare it all.
  • The software also offers an unmatched upgrade. There are thoughtful transitions between built-in apps like Notes and Maps that might actually make you give these another try rather than relying on third party apps.

The features that seem to have gotten the most attention are not the true highlights of this new model. The 3D Touch option will improve with time as users become accustomed to the interface change but more importantly-will be more valuable when more apps come on board with its use. The Live Photos are a novelty but most people probably won’t use them often.

The innovative features of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus truly push this model into a class of its own. With more than a month of use, many early adopters have commented that Apple should have designated this version a new model of its own with the iPhone 7 designation. In addition to the phenomenal hardware, software, and feature upgrades, your phone provider may be offering better deals on upgrades than they were a month ago. Your iPhone 6 may also have a higher trade-in value now than it will in a few months. In short-take the plunge. The changes are noticeable and after a chat with your provider, you might be surprised at how easy it is to have the top of the line at your fingertips.

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