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Google releases Do’s and Don’ts list for their Google Glass Explorers

Google has recently released a Do’s and Don’ts list for users of its new Google Glass wearable smart device.


Early in 2013, Google announced an exciting new technology under development called Google Glass. This new product was the first in what many believed to be the start of wearable technology for the masses and became headline news across most media outlets, including this blog. Since that time, Google Glass has continued to pop up in the news as the public testing of the product continued.

The Glass issue

One of the main issues that have come to light with the introduction of Google Glass, and in the wake of last summer's NSA scandals, is privacy concerns. One of the main features of the Google Glass headwear system is the camera and video recording ability, which can record anything the wearer is looking at. The ability to record, without indicating that you are, has businesses and individuals concerned and actively pursuing the introductions of laws and restrictions against the use of Google Glass in public.

Google's response

With reports of Google Glass Explorers, the name given by Google to early adopters and beta testers of their Google Glass system, being harassed and interrogated by the FBI becoming more regular, Google has recently released a Do's and Don'ts list that hints at the proper uses of their system in public.

The list is meant to cover proper use and etiquette of the nascent system, while providing a groundwork for the acceptance of the Google Glass systems as it begins to roll towards a wider consumer release.

As for the Do's of Google Glass, users are expected to ask permission before recording or taking pictures, use screen lock to prevent theft, and to use voice commands so as to leave their hands free for other activities, much like a cellphone or other smart device.

The Don'ts list continues on the etiquette theme by asking users to not "glass-out" by staring off into space for long periods while using the device and to also not be a "Glasshole," which seems to be a term used for Glass users who act creepy or use the Glass device to do unauthorized activities.

Interestingly, the Do's and Don'ts list is much like the common etiquette expected of cellphone and smart device users, which is surprising since you would expect Glass users to have already been indoctrinated into proper etiquette of these devices prior to owning Glass.

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