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Google Calendar Sparks Online Outrage

Google calendar down for many across the world.


Google Calendar Outage Causes Online Chaos

We pardon this interruption of your daily tasks, but Google Calendar was down and is still down for many despite it being up for others. The Google Calendar app, for most people, is the lifeblood of an organization and how they set up their day, which is why social media exploded with chaos when the Calendar app stopped working the morning of June 18, 2019. Tweets ranged from people asking if they should just go home that the workday was canceled. Others included memes of the Netflix movie “Birdbox” as an example of how they felt without the Google app guiding them through the day.

Google Calendar’s official Twitter accounts began replying to comments on and concerns over the outage to state that they are aware of the issue and working on it. Meanwhile, the only thing you can do while it’s down is to wait until it’s back up.

What You Can Do While Google Calendar Is Down

This is a good reminder that all tech services and tools can fail at some point. Unfortunately, the data and information on these services can be lost or unavailable. To ensure that you don’t lose everything you work on, and everything that keeps your business afloat, it’s important to keep backups of information stored on a secure device.

Now might be a good time to look into the cybersecurity of your systems, update your software to patch any vulnerabilities, and focus efforts on finding new hardware to upgrade to. Another idea for what to do when a service like Google Calendar is down is to discuss the dangers of phishing emails with your employees and some of the things to spot.

What To Do When a Device Fails

When a device fails due to mechanical issues, software issues, or physical issues, the risk level is high. Of course, SecureData Recovery has trained professionals, numerous certifications, a Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom and more to help retrieve the lost data.

If you notice your hard drive or device making strange noises, like clicking, whirring, squeaks, or anything else that is out of the ordinary, it is best to turn the device off and contact a data recovery professional.  For more information and free diagnostics, contact us today at 1-800-388-1266.

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