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A Fresh Start for the Secure Data Recovery Blog


The Secure Data Recovery blog has been quiet for a number of months but we’re back! I’m Kara and I am excited to be a voice of Secure Data Recovery through our multiple social media channels. My background lies in the intersection between psychology and social media communications. I’m fascinated by what we all manage to do with our days and how we sort through the countless streaming threads of information. I’ve been involved in social media for more than a decade but I’m enjoying this relatively new professional venture into the tech industry. I’ve been a techie at heart for much of my life though and I’ve also experienced that feeling of terror when months/years worth of research data for an important project is seemingly lost. It’s a pleasure to work with a company whose expertise centers so literally on saving your time, your work, and most definitely-the day!

It is our aim that this blog is a dynamic, useful, and interesting addition to your day. We’ll also continue utilizing our Facebook page and Twitter to share the latest news and resources from the fields and industries we serve. If you haven’t “liked” or “followed” us, please do!

Lastly, if you have suggestions for content you’d like to see covered on this or other platforms, feel free to get in touch. I can be reached at [email protected]. We know your time is valuable and are so appreciative of the few moments you spend with us. We’ll do our best to make it meaningful!

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