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Five Reasons To Do Preventative Maintenance On Your PC

Over time computer performance has a tendency to degrade. Following these simple tips can help keep your machine functioning better


As time goes by, computer users begin to feel that their PC is slowing down or running less than optimally. The reasons for the diminished performance are varied and are usually specific to a particular machine, yet there are steps that a user can take to lessen the eventual slow down.

1. There is more trash on your system than in the Recycling Bin: Data trash can accumulate in many places. Do not only focus on cleaning up temporary files and web refuse like cookies and other web residue. Consider removing old programs and games that you no longer use.

2. The cleaning and compressing of files and web resources can speed up your browser: Minute delays can build up over time as older systems churn through increasing loads of redundant or useless web data. Taking the time to reduce redundant data, cookies, web files and the like can have your browser humming along like it was newly installed.

3. Flash-based storage drives have less space than the older platter types: You bought a SSD for the increased speed and performance, but never considered the reduction in storage space or you use a tablet pc primarily and are not yet into cloud computing: space is an issue. The Windows operating system is a huge space hog as are media files and your copy of the unreleased third season of Game of Thrones, so you have to removed old data files. Make sure that Windows Update files are cleaned up and older media files are backed up and removed.

4. Crowded drive storage can cause application failures and operating system crashes: As temporary files add up and the primary partition on your PC begins to run out of space, many of the applications on your system can begin to fail or be impaired, including your operating system. Cleaning out your storage drive will not solve all of your operating system issues, but it won’t hurt to check off one more step to fixing the issues.

5. Personal information is not always as easily deleted as we would like: Just sending data to the recycling bin is not the only way to remove personal data from your PC. Remember, there are temporary files and browsing histories and other recoverables that need to be manually removed from your system before you can feel remotely safe from the eventual hacking.

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