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Failure Symptoms and Recovery Options for Hard Drive PCB Issues

Printed Circuit boards allow hard drives to operate efficiently and effectively. When a circuit board fails, it's often very dramatic and sudden


A hard drive's printed circuit board (PCB) contains a number of components that allow the HDD to operate efficiently and correctly, and when a PCB fails, a hard drive can sustain serious, permanent damage. PCB issues affect thousands of hard drives every year and often result in permanent data loss.

Many PCB failures are dramatic and sudden. A hard drive may suddenly fail to power on, and a computer may not detect that it is plugged in. Some failed hard drives will also show up in computer BIOS with incorrect make/model information. PCB failures can also cause physical issues such as read/write head failures, and many PCB failure symptoms overlap with the symptoms of other physical hard drive issues.

In any case, you should never attempt to operate a printed circuit board, as this may cause permanent long-term damage. If you suspect an electronic HDD failure, immediately disconnect your computer's power source and contact Secure Data Recovery Services at 1-800-388-1266.

Data Recovery Procedures for Failed HDD Circuit Boards

Hard drives do not have simple printed circuit boards, and data recovery is not as easy as switching out a failed PCB with a functional PCB. Most circuit boards are uniquely identified with their hard drives, and to repair damage, data recovery companies need specialized equipment and a working knowledge of PCB components.

Because PCB issues often cause physical hard drive component failures, data recovery companies frequently need to repair failed read/write heads to successfully repair damaged HDDs. These procedures should always be carried out in a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom to prevent any chance of harmful media contamination. After performing physical repairs, recovery engineers may need to treat file corruption and other logical issues depending on the extent of the hard drive PCB failure.

The chances of a successful data recovery for a hard drive with a failed PCB vary depending on the drive's model, brand, size, age and a number of other factors. Secure Data Recovery Services' engineers frequently recover electronically damaged hard drives, and our average success rate for PCB issues is over 85 percent. We offer media diagnostics and provide the approximate chances of success for each individual case along with a free price quote and turnaround estimate.

Preventing PCB Failures

Most PCB failures occur due to power surges and other unexpected electrical events. It is important to keep your PC on an appropriate power supply, preferable with a battery backup to prevent sudden power losses during brownouts and other events. Shut down your computer when you are not using it and use a dependable outlet.

Your computer's power supply unit (PSU) is extremely important. Choose a power supply that suits your computer's power requirements. If you have a large number of expansion cards or other power-hungry computer components, you may need to upgrade your PSU to provide consistent wattage to your entire system. Avoid inexpensive PSUs and read user reviews; a cheap PSU can easily cause widespread hardware issues and hard drive damage.

Always ground yourself to discharge static electricity before handling your hard drive. Static discharge can damage sensitive components on your printed circuit board. Keep your computer in a cool, dry place and make sure that the machine has adequate ventilation.

If your hard drive fails, your best course of action is to disconnect all power sources as quickly as possible. Never attempt to repair PCB issues on your own. Replacing your hard drive's board with another PCB will void your HDD warranty and cause extensive damage.

Contact Secure Data Recovery Services for more information or to set up a free media analysis for your hard drive.

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