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Digital Forensics Following the HBO Leaks

Digital Forensics Following the HBO Leaks


Data breaches can cost companies millions of dollars in lost information, lost time, and compromised data. When hackers infiltrated HBO’s network, they stole a massive 1.3 terabytes of data. Hackers stole and leaked several upcoming episodes of popular shows and threatened to release an unseen script from an upcoming episode of the blockbuster hit Game of Thrones. Prior to the leak, hackers sent a disturbing video to HBO’s CEO demanding an unspecified ransom. In line with current recommendations, HBO denies paying a ransom.

What could be worse than leaked Game of Thrones Episodes?

While company executives are denying that the HBO email system “as a whole has been compromised”, they’ve also invited an external firm to proactively provide credit monitoring and identification theft prevention services for their employees. Infiltration of a large company’s network, like the Time-Warner-owned HBO, could be devastating at both individual and corporate levels. Payrolls, budgets, and propriety information are just the start of what hackers seek. The damage could be extensive and may be felt for years.

The Role of Digital Forensics

Digital forensic investigators can work backwards from the scenes of a recent or ongoing cybercrime like the HBO leaks. The field of digital forensics can extract evidence that can later be used to hold cybercriminals responsible for their crime. Perhaps most importantly, digital forensics can locate the source of vulnerabilities and patch up holes in the security network. Digital forensics is a groundbreaking field that offers the best and next line of defense in the increasingly dangerous and costly battle with online hackers.

What’s next? Forensic Readiness

As forensic engineers work to close gaps and gather evidence in the latest cyberattack, forensic readiness is one way for business leaders, including small business owners, to proactively prepare for the potential of an online attack. Forensic readiness involves routine, comprehensive backups and the establishment of a readiness plan. It’s a good opportunity for individual employees to ensure that they don’t have more of their private, personal, identifying information stored within their company’s network than absolutely necessary.

Secure Data Recovery Services provides expert computer forensics services to attorneys, businesses, and individuals worldwide. We collect, preserve, and analyze evidence in criminal and civil cases. We also provide our clients with preventative forensics services and education on the legal and technical issues surrounding electronically stored information.

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