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Data Recovery Tips for Apple Desktop Computers

Apple desktops are just as susceptible to data loss as other personal computers.

Apple desktops are just as susceptible to data loss as other personal computers. While the Mac OS X operating system has some notable safeguards against accidental deletion and virus damage, thousands of Apple users lose data due to hard drive failures and other events each year. Fortunately, most of this lost data is completely recoverable. At Secure Data Recovery Services, we regularly treat Apple desktops with damaged drives and serious logical damage. Here are a few steps to take immediately after losing data on a Mac OS X desktop.

Check Your Backups

If you back up your data to an external hard drive or cloud storage service, immediately check your backup with another machine. Check a few files to make sure that they open properly. If you have not backed up your computer recently, decide whether your most recent copy is sufficient. Restoring from a backup is usually the least expensive option.

Identify the Symptoms of Data Loss

Pay special attention to any failure symptoms that might indicate mechanical issues. If your drive is damaged, your computer might freeze on the Apple logo. Restarting your computer in safe mode will not give you access to your files. Your hard drive might also make clicking or whirring noises if it has serious mechanical damage. It may not spin up, and your computer may not recognize that there is a drive attached. To prevent your hard drive from permanently losing data due to platter damage, turn it off immediately and keep it powered off if you experience any of these symptoms. Do not attempt to read the drive under any circumstances. Logical (non-physical) media issues are often more difficult to diagnose. You may see corruption errors when attempting to open individual files. Your files might also disappear entirely depending on the failure scenario. To reduce your chances of permanent media issues, do not attempt to run any data recovery software on your hard drive. Third-party data recovery programs cannot recover seriously damaged files and may actually reduce your chances of a successful recovery by causing additional media damage. Likewise, computer repair shops cannot perform data recovery services without access to a qualified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, which prevents harmful contamination that could damage your hard drive.

Find a Qualified Data Recovery Provider

Most types of data loss are not treatable without specialized tools and utilities. A professional recovery company can repair damaged mechanical components and treat overwritten or corrupted files, restoring your access to important data. It is important to note that hard drive data recovery companies are not official Apple Authorized Service Providers, and data recovery is not covered by your Apple warranty. However, you can still return your damaged hard drive for warranty services after using a data recovery company under most circumstances. To keep your warranty intact, do not attempt to remove your hard drive if you do not know how to safely open your computer. Send your entire desktop to a qualified data recovery company. Secure Data Recovery Services is certified to provide data recovery services for Apple laptop and desktop computers. We offer high recovery rates, free service estimates and fast turnaround times, and we always take appropriate precautions to treat our clients' media safely. We are one of the only data recovery companies with a certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom, and we hold more relevant security certifications than any other company in our industry. If your computer will not boot or if you cannot access important files, call us today to set up a no-risk evaluation.
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