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Why is Data Recovery Expensive? (And How to Save Money)

Why is Data Recovery Expensive? (And How to Save Money)


The cost of data recovery can be a surprise to some people in their quest for data recovery. Thanks to our no-risk, free quotes, no one commits to recovery with Secure Data Recovery Services without a preview of the cost and expected time for recovery. There are several reasons why professional data recovery is expensive and also a few strategies to save money while recovering your lost data.

Factors to Consider in the Cost of and Time for Hard Drive Recovery

There are several factors that make each data recovery job so unique that no two are exactly alike. Our team must consider factors like that type of damage that the hard drive or other component has sustained, how much data the client wants to recover, and how quickly you’d like your device returned. The cause of data loss can vary widely. The device might be functioning well but the data has been accidentally deleted. Alternatively, device error, damage, or failure might be both the cause and indication that data is lost. Even more technical, the determination of whether the cause of damage is mechanical or electric also changes the approach to recovery. All these variables must be considered in the estimation of cost and time for recovery.

The Expense of Data Recovery

Data recovery requires the labor of a team of highly skilled, trained, and experienced technicians. Computer scientists and mechanical engineers often contribute their knowledge. Stringent facility management for data recovery is another cost of operation. Cleanrooms must be climate controlled with the exact ventilation, temperature, and air quality. Data security is an absolute priority as the potential for data loss or compromise when devices change hand is never overlooked. Fixing broken or damaged hard drives adds additional costs in replacement parts-some of which must be shipped from overseas-and technical machines to make the precise repairs too delicate for human hands. Finally, cutting-edge technologies, like platter restoration, may also factor into the cost of hard drive recovery.

The Ultimate Strategy to Save Money on Data Recovery

When people discover that they’ve lost data, their first response is sometimes a frantic Google hunt for DIY recovery strategies. While there are basic recovery tools available, some at-home recovery techniques can cause more damage that could potentially increase your recovery costs. The most effective and easiest way to save money on data recovery is to avoid it entirely by backing up data. If it’s too late to avoid the initial need for recovery, there’s always the opportunity to save money by avoiding a second or third need for recovery. After all, you only lose what you don’t backup.

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