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Creating A Bulletproof Data Backup Plan: The Mac Edition

Hardware failure, much like death and taxes, is certain to happen to everyone.


Over the last few months, we have discussed many different ways to protect and store your data on a PC. Not once have I attempted to advise the Mac users out there on how to protect themselves in any of the ways that PC users seem to need. Honestly, the perception that Mac users never need help with their systems, data, or hardware illustrates the excellent marketing strategy that Apple has used to create the market share the company now enjoys. Hardware failure, much like death and taxes, is certain to happen to everyone.

What Will You Need?

As with the PC bulletproof backup plan, there are three main categories needed to ensure the best opportunity to recover your data: backup program, external storage, and offsite storage. The plan is to have a backup program create the backup on the external storage drive while also creating a copy of the backup in an offsite location. This plan allows for protection from most hardware failures, theft, and extreme weather that may affect your home or business.

  1. Backup Program

    The first step in providing a bulletproof backup solution for your data is to find a program that will perform the backup process. Luckily, for Mac users, Apple operating systems from OS X forward come with a program called “Time Machine.” Time Machine will provide the ability to secure individual files, folders, or entire drives. Be sure to follow the directions in the Time Machine menu and have the backup stored on your external storage drive.
  2. External Storage

    This will be the easiest step to ensure that your personal files are protected. All that is needed is an external storage drive that is continuously connected to your home system or that can be connected for backup services. This drive will should be larger than the total size of the files you plan to backup or equal to the size of the full drive you plan to protect.
  3. Offsite Storage

    This is the key step for providing a bulletproof backup solution. Many worst-case scenarios for data storage end up with the destruction of compromise of your home – extreme weather, theft, fire, and power surges. Each of these worst-case scenarios will more than likely damage both your main computer and the external storage device. Having an off-site storage solution for a second backup will provide a quick and relatively painless restoration of your sensitive and important digital files. The services provided by BackBlaze, Carbonite, and CrashPlan will include either a monthly or yearly fee for services.

Practice Makes Perfect

A new step to the bulletproof backup plan may seem like common sense to some and others may believe that it is a waste of time, but once the backups have been made, select a day to walk through your restoration plan. Whenever data is lost and a recover plan is needed there is an accumulation of stress and people make mistakes when stressed.

Having your data lost due to a mistake in recovery is a problem that can be avoided completely. Be sure to read the directions carefully for each step of your recovery plan and then perform the recovery completely. This way, during the recovery process, any issues that may arise can be dealt with in a stress-free environment. Practice makes perfect.

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